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(Internship) So you think you know Photography....


(Internship) So you think you know Photography....
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Internship Unpaid


Umm...Hugs and beer? If not then no. That said, we are happy to sign any paperwork providing college credit!


Do you like photography? Correction... do you f*ing LOVE photography?

Are you an awesome communicator?

Do you like chatting with artists and understanding what they're all about?

Yes?... Really? Maybe this gig is for you. Kindly read ALL info below before applying!


Gigzolo is an early-stage online startup developing a new way for event producers to find & book photographers, filmmakers, DJs, and other artists for events. We're focused on creating more job opportunities for creative people, and making art and live entertainment more accessible for everyone.

We are looking for an individual who loves the arts, who loves engaging in the photography community, and who is willing to onboard artists as a member of Gigzolo's artist engagement team!

The Gigzolo artist community is made up of full-time, professional artists at the top of their craft. That said:

  • We don't care about Facebook likes.
  • We couldn't give two craps about Instagram followers.
  • We value talent and professionalism, not hype.

To expand our efforts, we're looking for an elite group of talented individuals endowed with a critical eye to serve as tastemakers in the most comprehensive attempt to classify photographers in US history.


You'll work hand-in-hand with our internal curation team to identify, vet, and onboard hundreds of photographers and other artists across the nation:

  • You'll spend tons of time speaking to artists we've already identified, making relationships, and onboarding them to the platform.
  • You'll help reinvent the way we showcase photographers on our site, and present them opportunities.
  • You'll create a new interview process in order to help clients evaluate if they match with a photographer's style.
  • You'll work remotely, but have bi-weekly contact with fellow team members across the nation, as well as HQ in New York.

CURATION is one of the most important facets of our selection process, and we are looking to YOU to provide us with eyes and ears in the scene.

  • You'll separate the "Okay" from the Good.
  • Then separate the Good from the GREAT.
  • You'll fight for artists you love.

TRAINING (First 2 weeks):

  • This part is BRUTAL, but let’s just say it’s a bonding experience :)
  • 2 Hours of training DAILY w/HQ directly from Founders and Team Leads (this all happens online)

During this time, be prepared to spend a TON of time outside of training practicing how to speak to artists about what we do, and learning how to explain the ins and outs of the platform.


  • Pick your hours (minimum 15 hrs/wk.. but you pick which 15!)
  • Work remotely
  • 2 scheduled check-in meetings with your team lead per week
  • As many artist onboarding calls/live viewings as you can handle!


Internship is summer long (think 4 months), with opportunities to stay involved thereafter (and become part owner in the company.. more on that later).

START DATE: Late May, exact date TBD!

We'd love to speak to you about what we're doing, and how you can be a part of it.

If you want to have a role in building something that could change the world, this is your shot. This is not a resume-fluffer internship where you actually do nothing; This is the real deal.


  • The ideal candidate will understand why and how Gigzolo works, and be excited to tell others about us!

About Us


Gigzolo is revolutionizing the way event professionals book handpicked, professional artists (DJs, musicians and soon, photographers) by showing clear pricing and availability for every artist. In minutes, planners can select, chat with, and book artists directly through our platform.


We’re artists and admirers. We're ambitious, focused, intellectual minds with undeniably creative hearts. We're constantly trying to find a balance between being Type-A and wanting to go play outside.

Fun Fact

We live for daily outbursts of laughter over something random, beer pong tournaments on Fridays, and the occasional shameless karaoke session.