Capital Markets Analyst Program

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Capital Markets Analyst Program

McLean, VA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    This program is a two-year full-time rotational program crafted to provide analysts with the opportunity to gain a unique experience working across a broad spectrum of Freddie Mac’s key capital markets desks. The key focus is to develop future portfolio managers by providing real world training experiences with the goal of learning the full mortgage capital markets life cycle while also providing desk-specific knowledge. Analysts will get a chance to learn and work alongside best-in-class professionals on various desks to analyze and support a diverse set of transactions, trades, and strategies over four six-month rotations, with at least one rotation on a desk in each of the following two buckets:

    Credit Risk:

    • Understanding Freddie Mac’ Credit Risk portfolio through pricing up front credit risk, handling the non performing loan portfolio and structuring and selling Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) transactions

    Market Risk:

    • Learning how Freddie Mac manages its market risk, in interest rate and debt capital markets, mortgage guarantee pipeline and the MBS securitization business

    Our Impact:

    Freddie Mac’s Portfolio Management and Capital Markets Divisions are responsible for handling the ~$2.5 trillion mortgage guarantee and investment portfolios through secondary mortgage market activities such as asset-liability management, loan purchases, servicing transactions, securitization, debt issuance and credit risk transfer.

    We provide the cash flow, financing and capital market expertise that allows the company to achieve its stated mission of providing liquidity to the house market and making home possible.

    Your Impact:

    In this position, you will be supporting portfolio manager activities by digging into data, projects or desk needs in order to improve desk functionality or produce analyses that will help the desks make more educated decisions. Gain diverse perspectives working across desks - On one desk an analyst may be asked to help support and execute a transaction, whereas on another desk, you may be identifying trends through data work.

    As you rotate, you will use the experience you have picked up to bring different, educated view points to desks that embrace your knowledge and expertise. Throughout your rotations, you will learn not only how the Capital Markets division works and interacts generally with the rest of the firm, but you will pick up specific know-how about the desks you work on.

    Through these rotations, analysts will build the following proficiencies and opportunities:

    • Fixed income valuation and financial transaction analysis
    • Expertise in the U.S. Economy
    • Knowledge of primary and secondary mortgage financial system
    • Quantitative abilities (eg. Advanced Excel, SQL, SAS, Python, R)
    • Professional networking skills and opportunities within the company and industry
    • Mentorships to help guide your career
    • Social community of analysts
  • Qualifications
    • Minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA
    • Bachelor’s degree, preferably but not only in Economics, Finance, Business, and Mathematics
    • Availability to begin full time employment in June 2021, following Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 graduation
  • Desired skills

    Keys to Success in this Role:

    • Some background and validated interest in Finance, especially Capital Markets
    • Ability to learn quickly and pick up new skills/concepts
    • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
    • Strong problem solving ability
    • Microsoft Office skills required; Additional quantitative skills preferred
    • Must be a great teammate and able to work collaboratively
    • Comfortable working in a fast paced trading floor environment
  • Industry
    Financial Services
  • About Us

    Freddie Mac makes homeownership and rental housing more accessible and affordable. Operating in the secondary mortgage market, we keep mortgage capital flowing by purchasing mortgage loans from lenders so they, in turn, can provide more loans to qualified borrowers.