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Data Analyst Intern - Summer 2022

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Capital One

Capital One

Data Analyst Intern - Summer 2022

Richmond, VA
  • Responsibilities

    Who We Are

    At Capital One, we’re building a leading information-based technology company. Still founder-led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard Fairbank, Capital One is on a mission to help our customers succeed by bringing ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to banking. We measure our efforts by the success our customers enjoy and the advocacy they exhibit. We are succeeding because they are succeeding.

    Guided by our shared values, we thrive in an environment where collaboration and openness are valued. We believe that innovation is powered by perspective and that teamwork and respect for each other lead to superior results. We elevate each other and obsess about doing the right thing. Our associates serve with humility and a deep respect for their responsibility in helping our customers achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Together, we are on a quest to change banking for good._

    In our 25 years as a founder-led public company, Capital One has grown from a small, credit card start-up that pioneered the use of predictive modeling into one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most dynamic financial technology companies. At Capital One, we believe our success is fueled by data-driven insights, deep customer understanding, and innovative business strategy. We’ve helped transform cities and communities by attracting incredibly talented associates with the audacity to think they can change the world and the humility to understand they need a whole lot of help to make it happen.

    If you’re interested in Capital One and an internship that enables you to build a strong foundation by focusing on deep analytical challenges and business strategy, then the Analyst Intern Program (AIP) is a great place to begin your career journey.

    As a Data Analyst Intern in the AIP, you will:

    • Utilize hands-on learning and experience to leverage new technology to help drive business strategies while developing an analytical skill set

    • Build leadership skills in the professional setting through meaningful interaction with business leaders

    • Cultivate relationships with fellow interns and associates through extensive networking activities

    Our Data Analyst interns are involved with some of Capital One’s most critical business decisions and work with the best and brightest in a collaborative, team-oriented environment. As a Data Analyst intern, your goal is to solve complex data problems that enable insights into customer behavior and operational performance. With the explosion of data that’s available for making business decisions, you’ll find yourself in a critical role at the intersection of business strategy and technology. To succeed requires rigorous logical thinking, adaptability, and exceptional teamwork. Excel in the Analyst Internship Program, and you’ll see what it takes to build an immensely rewarding career with Capital One. Interns are a full-fledged member of the team—engaged from day one through structured training, a diverse set of experiences, a network of peers across the company, and leadership opportunities. The program is designed to provide exposure to real, complex operational projects, executive speakers, team building activities, and associate presentations and discussions.

    In your role, you will:

    • Harness cloud-based tools and platforms to explore structured and unstructured data

    • Use data mining techniques to identify fraud rings

    • Test the effectiveness of our marketing channels

    • Use modeling and analytics to understand how business decisions impact our bottom line.

    • Build the data foundation for Capital One’s digital agenda

    • Optimize bank ATM placement through advanced data exploration

    • Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources and platforms to generate customer insight

    • Explore new data sources to enhance models and build solutions that empower analytics

    • Research web activities to drive enhancements to customer engagement sites

    In this role, you’ll learn to be:

    • Curious & Analytical - You will ask why, explore, and bring your unique perspective to the table. You’ll grow comfortable with ambiguity, fueled by a hunger to learn and constantly seeking out new challenges.

    • Technology-Driven - You stay on the edge of what’s new and exciting in analytic platforms and how to build solutions. Whether it’s a passion for SQL or open source languages, you will find the right tool to build rock-solid analytics.

    • Action-Oriented & Committed - You will be encouraged to act, try new things, and sometimes fail. Roadblocks won’t set you back, because you’ll stay focused on your goals. This job will teach you to get organized, juggle multiple deliverables, and prioritize your work while always utilizing data analysis, technology, and human centered design to understand how the solutions you are creating affect your customer.

    • Up for a Challenge & Hardworking - Big, undefined, complex problems will be exciting for you. You identify initial insights and continue forward to craft a well-rounded solution.

    • Passionate & Customer-Focused - You will empathize with those around you and care about their success, as you bring people together around what’s possible. You will join passionate and talented people across the company to meet customers where they are and positively impact their lives.

    • Communicative & Inclusive - You will practice communicating complex ideas clearly for your audience and keep everyone in the loop as you encounter setbacks or have huge wins.

    • Collaborative & Team-Oriented - We thrive in a collaborative team environment. As part of our crew, you will learn to energetically rally diverse groups in pursuit of a common goal.

    • Innovative & Entrepreneurial - You will develop your entrepreneurial spirit and get excited about creating new businesses and reinventing current ones. Your aptitude for and interest in building tech solutions will stand out.


  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher obtained between December 2022 and August 2023
  • Industry
    Financial Services
  • About Us

    We're more than just a bank, and starting a career with us is way more than just a job. We empower all of our associates to turn powerful thoughts into actions and to always strive for greatness in the work we do to change banking for good. We firmly believe there’s incredible value in diverse perspectives, majors and experiences. If you're ready to revolutionize the world of banking, then start your career with us today.