2021 Summer Internship - Market Index Services Intern

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2021 Summer Internship - Market Index Services Intern

Rockville, MD
  • Responsibilities

    Job Description

    The Nasdaq Futures Internship Program provides successful candidates with a unique opportunity to experience a challenging and immersive 10-week internship. As participants in the Nasdaq Futures Internship Program, you will deliver real, impactful work within a business unit. You will work on a defined project and partner with a mentor, network with senior colleagues, and present your project at the end of the program. You will also participate in learning & development opportunities as well as “lunch and learn” sessions with senior leaders.

    This Nasdaq Internship runs for 10 weeks commencing from June to August. Upon completion of this internship, outstanding interns will be evaluated for full-time opportunities with NASDAQ post-graduation.

    Objectives of this Role

    Our Team

    Nasdaq Global Indexes creates and operates innovative, market-leading indexes. Index Portfolio Management team develops and operates models and scripts that select components and weights for Nasdaq indexes. They combine subject matter expertise in finance and financial data with analytical and programming skills. They develop and document new indexes using an ever-expanding inventory of securities, data, and calculations.

    Project Overview

    • Innovating existing processes and creating operational efficiencies
    • Developing and improving index models and calculations using various tools (e.g. Excel, Python, R, etc.)
    • Writing or testing existing code or performing quality control
    • Drafting policies and procedures for new and existing indexes, methodologies, and data sources
    • Developing controls on data quality and index calculations

    Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

    Your Role

    • Develop extensive knowledge of financial data, indexes, benchmarking, trading, derivatives, data vendors, and content providers
    • Develop extensive knowledge of multiple asset classes, related data, and indexes (global equities, fixed income, commodities…)
    • Write precise documentation for new and existing data sources and indexes
    • Develop controls on data quality and index calculations
    • Research new data sources discover and document their strengths and weaknesses
    • Develop algorithms to detect and correct data quality problems, for incoming and outgoing data
    • Write and test code that queries diverse data sources, makes complex index calculations, and implements quality controls
    • Document and manage projects using Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, and other tools
    • Learn, design, and implement data storage on-premises and in a cloud such as AWS
    • Learn, design, and implement index calculations on-premises and in a cloud such as AWS
    • Innovate in all aspects of index creation and operation, data quality and variety, and technical infrastructure
    • Clearly communicate and collaborate with internal and external partners
    • Uncover product and infrastructure enhancement opportunities; prepare requirements and business cases
  • Qualifications

    Skills and Qualifications

    • Is working on completing a degree in Finance, or Economics, or Math, or Computer Science, or related fields (must be graduating by June 2022)
    • Track record of working successfully both independently and with a team
    • Highly motivated with evidence of intellectual curiosity and creativity; comfortable with complexity
    • Well organized and able to complete multiple, time-sensitive projects at once

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Experience in financial markets, securities, and data
    • Extremely effective communication skills, both spoken and written
    • Analytic programming experience or evidence of the ability to develop these skills rapidly (e.g. SQL, R, Python, Scala, Java)
    • Experience using modern analytic platforms or evidence of the ability to develop these skills rapidly (e.g. Spark, Hadoop, statistical and machine learning libraries)
    • Experience using cloud services, including storage, compute analytics, and security (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure)
    • Experience with code versioning frameworks such as Git or Bitbucket
  • Industry
    Financial Technology
  • Fun Fact
    Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman started her career as an intern at the company.
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