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Family Advocate at Kids of the Neighborhood

Nueces County Community Action Agency

Family Advocate at Kids of the Neighborhood

Corpus Christi, TX
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    PROGRAM: Head Start


    DEPARTMENT: Family and Community Partnership/ERSEA

    JOB CLASSIFICATION: Regular, Full-time

    REPORTS TO: Site Based Manager

    WORKING HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm




    This position requires assisting in implementing the Family Service Program Plan in the areas of recruitment, enrollment, family and community partnerships and case management. This position also requires assisting in all phases of planning for the parent & volunteer program.


    Assists in recruiting and enrolling children into the Head Start program, such as setting up appointments, assisting with Parent Orientation, etc.

    Reports to assigned center(s) on designated days and works closely with Site Based Manager in the following areas:

    Maintains a continuous relationship with assigned families.

    Monitors children's absenteeism and encourages parents on regular daily attendance.

    Conducts home visits at least twice a year.

    Initiates Family Partnership Agreement process with each family.

    Maintains regular center weekly / bi-monthly / monthly staffing with all Head Start content areas to provide in-depth case management for assigned families.

    Links families with Community Partners to achieve family self-sufficiency.

    Offers assistance to family at time of crisis or other emergency situations.

    Advises/encourages parents to accompany students to Head Start appointments.

    Informs parents of meetings and/or workshops and encourages parental participation.

    Maintains documentation on all children and families to include such information as: Family Service Plan, Family Contact notes, child's health record, income eligibility, free lunch application, health and developmental history, special needs, etc.

    Updates any changes on family status and/or emergency listings.

    Prepares and posts a weekly schedule of upcoming appointments every Monday.

    Submits a weekly written activity report to immediate supervisor every Friday prior to regular staff meeting.

    Prepares/mails/tracks Verification of Employment letters for families eligible for the full-day center option.

    Attends Policy Council meetings, Parent Orientation, Parent Conferences, workshops, staff meetings, and other meetings as required.

    Serves as a parent advocate at child staffing’s, ARD meetings and other community partner meetings which may include accompanying parent if needed.

    Monitors, tracks in-kind, and trains volunteers in the program to improve participation and/or quality.

    Will meet with Family Services Coordinator for Recruitment and the Community and Families Coordinator for the purpose of discussing strategies and issues related to families.

    Performs other duties as assigned by Site Based Manager, Family Services Coordinator for Recruitment, Head Start Director or Chief Executive Officer that benefit the Center, the Program, and/or the Agency.


    Normal physical activity includes sitting, standing, and walking in a usual workday.

    Requires employee to use hands, arms, feet, legs, neck and head while performing various Agency tasks.

    Retrieves and files documents & folders from file cabinet drawers.

    Requires use of the five senses (hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting) to perform various job duties.

    Requires frequent speaking and hearing abilities when dealing with staff, children, parents, and medical providers.

    Requires occasional twisting at desk when answering telephone or typing.

    Requires employee to occasionally lift and carry heavy objects weighing over 10 Lbs.

    Must be able to perform activities indoors and outdoors.

    Requires frequent data entry using a computer keyboard and the regular use of a 10 key calculator.


    Assists Site Based Manager at the assigned centers.

    Substitutes in the classroom for short periods of time.

    Assists on field trips for assigned centers.

    Transports parents when necessary for agency functions.

    Assists with childcare, when necessary for child-staff ratios, behavior issues or medical needs.


    Demonstrates ability to read and write, keeps routine records, follows oral and written Instructions, and files alphabetically and numerically.

    Accepts responsibility for the direction, control, or planning of activities as assigned.

    Encourages/uses creativity, self-expression, or imagination in performing duties.

    Makes judgments or decisions based on measurable or verifiable data.

    Deals with people in a courteous, cooperative, conscientious, and tactful manner.

    Performs repetitive tasks according to set procedures with precision and thoroughness.

    Performs under stress when confronted with emergency, critical, unusual, or dangerous situations.

    Performs variety of duties often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure.

    Requires ability to relate to all segments of the community.

    Must have strong organizational skills and be able to work independently.

    Able to gather relevant data, conduct an analysis, and arrive at conclusions in order to develop recommendations for management action on various cost related issues.

    Deals with people beyond giving and receiving instructions-is courteous, cooperative, conscientious, and tactful in dealing with employees and the public.

    Influences staff, parents, volunteers, and public in their opinions, attitudes, or judgments about ideas.

    Performs job duties in a precise, thorough, and meticulous manner.

    Able to handle various projects at the same time in an effective manner.

    Demonstrates effective verbal and written communication skills towards all Agency staff and the public.

    Demonstrates ability to read and write, keeps routine records, follows written and oral instructions, and files alphabetically and numerically.

    Encourages/uses creativity, self-expression, or imagination in designing press releases, monthly newsletters, and flyers.


    Requires a High School diploma or GED with one year of experience preferred in social services.

    Must be willing to complete the Family Development Credential

    Must successfully pass a pre-employment drug test.

    Must successfully complete and maintain the following examinations, permits, and certification

    Within two (2) weeks of employment

    Food Handler's permit - Renewed every two years by expiration date

    First Aid certification - Renewed every two (2) years by the expiration date

    CPR Infant/Child certification - Renewed every two years by expiration date

    Must have transportation and current liability coverage on vehicle to be used in the performance of job duties. Moderate travel on a daily basis may be required.

    Possesses a valid Texas Driver’s license (Operators-Class C) and is subject to review/approval by insurance company on driving record.

    Must be computer literate in database management and word processing.

    Must have strong organizational skills and be able to work independently.

    Dresses in appropriate business attire and is professional in appearance and mannerisms.

    Proof of work eligibility must be provided.

  • Industry
    Government Administration