Instructor - Health Professional (HPR 100: Intro to Health)

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Instructor - Health Professional (HPR 100: Intro to Health)

  • Responsibilities

    Technician will be an OSP/ISP Telecommunications Specialist at the NCTS Naples HQ, within the TNOSC supporting VoIP Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in remote sites in Romania and Poland. MUST BE A US CITIZEN WHO CURRENTLY HOLDS A SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE.

    Responsible for operating and maintaining the VoIP telecommunications system, which consists of:

    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Cisco Call Manager
    • Cisco Interworking Gateway
    • Cisco Routers
    • Cisco VoIP Telephones
    • Cisco Catalyst Hubs/Switches

    Knowledge of the various telecommunications related items to include:

    • Cabling requirements
    • Fiber Optics Single and Multi-Modes
    • General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (GPETE)
    • REMEDY Trouble Ticket System

    General Duties:

    • Serves as SME for configuring, testing, and troubleshooting the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system and Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM) in support of the Aegis Ashore program. Has understanding and experience with telecommunications principles and concepts, cabling, networks, IP addressing, and other complex routing needed to maintain the VoIP/CUCM system. Provides direction and guidance to command and to the ISP/OSP technician located at the remote sites.
    • Technician will travel occasionally to remote locations in Romania and Poland to assist onsite technician during surge operations or when an additional technical support is required.
    • He/she will perform assigned system administration, operational, technical and maintenance tasks to the command, control, and monitoring computers to include Internet Protocol (IP) computers and equipment. Equipment includes Government provided operating software and hardware on VoIP telecommunications equipment.
    • Technical responsibilities will involve operations, as well as troubleshooting and repairing the VoIP systems with a goal of sustaining 99.0% uptime rating on this valuable communications system.
    • He/she will receive, respond, and resolve all work orders via the NCTS Naples Help Desk computerized terminal solution in accordance with standard telecommunications work order response times.
    • He/she will respond to all alarm conditions such as Gateway, UPS/ Generator system, or other station alarms within 30 minutes of the alarm. Take action to investigate, isolate and clear the alarms on equipment and systems within 24 hours of the alarm.
    • He/she is subject to recall after normal working hours to take action on all alarms and system outages they are notified by from the NCTS Naples BCO.
    • Maintenance of all equipment as recommended by the manufacture as based upon best commercial practices. Maintaining a system based on commercial standards and performing maintenance in accordance with manufacturer recommendations unless otherwise directed by the U.S. Government or based upon best commercial practices when the manufacturer does not have a maintenance policy.
    • He/she will monitor and report all alarm or fault conditions over to the TNOSC Duty Officer and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). He will respond to emergent tasking as directed by the COR.
    • The technician will assist NCTS Naples military personnel in isolating and repairing common cabling associated with telecommunications equipment both copper and fiber optic.

    Required Skills

    • Ability to work independently
    • Ability to splice Cooper and Fiber Optic cabling
    • Install and terminate various cable
    • Ability to work in confined spaces

    Required Experience

    MINIMUM EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree; or Associates Degree plus four years of specialized experience; or High School Diploma and 8 years specialized experience.


    • 3 Years’ experience as a Telecommunications Technician working with copper and fiber cabling
    • 5 Years’ experience if minimum educational requirements are not met.
    • Experience maintaining Cisco systems and equipment, i.e., routers, hubs, media converters and switches
    • Proficient in IP and VoIP based operating systems and networks


    • Security+ higher level certification
    • Certified Fiber Optic Splicer


    It is the policy of PAR to prohibit all forms of discrimination and to affirmatively implement equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, military status, national origin, disability, marital status, predisposing genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, or other legally protected status and positive action shall be taken to insure the fulfillment of this policy.

  • Qualifications
    • Ability to work independently
    • Ability to splice Cooper and Fiber Optic cabling
    • Install and terminate various cable
    • Ability to work in confined spaces
  • Industry
    Government Administration