Junior Systems Technician - Chicago

Afognak Native Corporation, Alutiiq LLC, and their subsidiaries

Junior Systems Technician - Chicago

  • Responsibilities


    • Provide preventive maintenance, repairs, and directed maintenance services for various HVAC systems, including, but not limited to: all temperature and pressure control systems, sub-systems and components.
    • Provide a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on guidance to insure proper PM and repair of designated equipment and systems to local Post personnel as directed.
    • Comprehend and troubleshoot very old to state-of-the-art equipment.
    • Assist the client in planning work, obtaining material product data, scheduling shipments, coordinating logistics, and identifying requirements to minimize impact on local operations.
    • Review available as-built drawings, compare the documents to existing conditions at each facility during site visit, and make necessary red line changes to the document to reflect actual conditions at each facility.
    • Position requires up to 100% travel worldwide.

    Required Skills Required Experience


    • Must be able to obtain/maintain a Top Secret Clearance
    • Must have the physical ability to travel overseas
    • Must be able to pass a physical examination for duty
    • Must be able to work on ladders, access rooftops and other hard to reach areas, and be able to lift and carry materials and tools in excess of 25 lbs
    • Must be familiar with the requirements outlined by ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, OSHA, and other safety regulations


    • Must be a graduate of a State approved/accredited or military program that provided formal HVAC Journeyman level instruction and training
    • Must have an additional (5) years of hands-on experience
    • Relative experience must be within the last 8 years, in rehabilitation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of new and older HVAC building systems and equipment


    • Hold a valid Master license at a State level
    • In addition to one of the above, the HVAC technician must ALSO hold a current EPA-approved CFC Universal certification for high and low-pressure refrigerants, and shall familiar with/be able to comply with regulations governing the use of CFC refrigerant.
  • Qualifications

    Prefer Associate Degree from a technical college or Bachelor of Science Degree in computer engineering, computer science, or similar technical area; Work experience along with certifications such as MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) or equivalent may be considered.

    The job may require travel to support local and branch offices. Must possess a valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.

    Preference is for the candidate who possesses certifications consistent with the position. Examples include either an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) or equivalent.

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