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Applications Consultant ($20-35/hr)


Applications Consultant ($20-35/hr)
Remote Part-Time Paid




Applications Consultants provide our clients with college essay and applications assistance, and have responsibilities such as:

  • Guiding clients as they brainstorm essays

  • Assisting clients with drafting and implementing ideas for essays

  • Reviewing essays for relevance to prompts, thematic content, and spelling/grammar

  • Meeting with clients consistently until college essays are completed

  • Developing school lists that match a client’s profile.

  • Advising clients on securing letters of recommendation.

  • Revising and formatting a client's Common Application and/or school-specific application(s)

  • Assisting clients with the Waitlist, Deferral, and/or Appeal process. Providing other services for clients related to college admissions.


Eligibility for our on-campus positions is limited to individuals who currently attend, will attend, or have in the past attended one of the following universities as an undergraduate or graduate student.

  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • Yale
  • Columbia
  • Stanford
  • MIT

About Us

CollegeVine is a near-peer mentorship and college advisory service staffed entirely by students at the nation's top universities. Founded three years ago by three high school friends (Harvard x2 and UChicago), CollegeVine annually works with thousands of students across 10 countries, and its results continue to help students achieve their dreams.

Admissions Hero offers tutoring, peer mentorship, and application advising services though one on one and one-to-many service offerings. Over the lifetime of its existence, it has generated numerous acceptances to every top 30 US University, with 84.7% of its clients gaining acceptance to a top 3 choice school and 76% of its clients gaining acceptance to an Ivy League or equivalent school. Additionally, its clients have on average been offered $120,000 in scholarships.

CollegeVine is perhaps most famous for its pro-bono program, in which it provides free advisory services to talented students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. The company is committed to driving a positive social impact and views pre-configured services as a critical pillar of its overall strategy.

CollegeVine seeks passionate and talented individuals to serve as tutors, mentors, and admissions specialists. Its ultimate goal is to provide individualized attention from achievers that have found success themselves to help students achieve their dreams.

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