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College Works Paintings Internship - Indiana

Indianapolis, IN
  • Responsibilities

    College Works Paintings provides college and university students a unique, life-transforming opportunity to build business management and leadership skills, hands-on. Our interns actually run a company from start to finish. This internship is challenging and requires considerable focus and time. Expect intense training and independent work every weekend in Spring, and expect to be working as hard as you ever have in the summer. The reward lies in your skill set after completion, and the profit your business makes. College Works will fund you and train you, it is your effort and perseverance that determines your pay and if you were a good investment. The internship empowers you to run their own local businesses, manage their own crew of people, and provide a much-needed service within your community, while earning money as well as an invaluable experience. This program is for people striving to become leaders in their industry, and know they need to work to achieve that goal.

    College Works is the most intense learning opportunity you can expect to experience during your college career, in or out of the classroom. Our business model has proven successful for both our company and the students who work for us, year after year. Come with an open mind, an open heart and lots of energy.

    We’re looking for an entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t have business experience? Don’t worry—that’s why you’re here. We will teach you, mentor you, support you and we will help you succeed. How well you succeed, however, is thoroughly and entirely up to you.

    What you’ll learn with us is real business, management and leadership skills that you’ll use the rest of your life. The College Works Program is designed to expose you to and inculcate you in sales, marketing, estimating, scheduling, supply management, customer service, hiring (and firing), accounting and sales territory organization.

    You will receive daily mentorship:

    • Daily contact with your District Manager who was previously a successful Intern.

    • Continued guidance throughout spring training and summer work.

    • Help with planning, troubleshooting and goal-setting.

    • Will advise by asking questions, not giving answers.

    • Will push you past your comfort zone.

    • Will give you autonomy as you prove your skills.

    Here’s how we do it:

    -We have a stringent hiring process. We only hire the best of the best, we have a long interview process and take hiring seriously.

    -We are very strict with our promotions, we have many job opportunities post college, we promote only those that excell.

    -Funding: College Works Painting provides the training and start-up funds for you; you don’t provide any up-front fees whatsoever. What you do provide up front is your time and the commitment to acquiring your summer’s business in the spring.

    -Management: Your District Manager, who has previously excelled as an Intern and has been invited to continue with the company, will help you on a daily basis.

    -Marketing: CWP provides all the organizational tools you need to learn to run your own business. We also have a trove of collateral materials that are available for you to use as part of your marketing plan. (Plan the work and work the plan.)

    -Equipment: CWP provides interns with safety equipment to ensure employee safety on all projects. Small supplies like caulk and brushes are bid into each job’s miscellaneous costs. To transport equipment most interns hire painters with a vehicle.

    -Muscle. College Works has the painting contractor’s license, liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to ensure that all of us comply with the local and state regulations for running a business. Just because we’ve done the paperwork doesn’t mean it can be checked off your to-do list; you will also learn about these aspects during your training.

    -Networking: In addition to your District Manager and the Executive Management team at College Works, you’ll be working with other Interns just like you. That means you’ll be surrounded by (and learning from) those who see themselves and the world the way you do—as a place to work hard and excel. Chances are you will make lifelong friends and business contacts here.

    -A Proven Track Record: By the time you go back to school in the fall, you’ll have run your own business and gained the confidence that it brings. Will your classmates be able to say the same thing? Experience has shown that we provide the unique background that employers are looking for. Once you complete CWP successfully, you’ll be in a select referral program to help with your post graduation job search.

  • Benefits

    -Venture Capital: College Works will support your business financially and will assume all customary and usual legal liabilities arising from the operation of your business. All you have to do is run a profitable business and we will train you how to do that.

    -Paint Savings: Professional contractors such as CWP get volume discounts on all paint and supplies. A line of credit will be established for your branch at a local supplier.

    -Field Support: Experienced, patient District Managers mentor each Intern from start-up to daily management and support.

    -Biz Kit: You will receive forms for contracts, job applications, warranty forms and manuals.

    -Promo Materials: Marketing materials have been created and are provided to help you create awareness and get jobs in your territory. It’s a cliché, but the best advertising is the word-of-mouth referrals you get from happy customers.

    -Online Payroll Service: Our MYCOLLEGEWORKS secure website allows Interns to handle deductions, withholding and tax filings automatically. You won’t need to worry about how your workers are paid. We take care of that for you.

    -Bookkeeping Service: Bank deposits, payroll audit and corrections, cost reporting, bi-weekly profitability reporting are handled by CWP.

    -Strongest Guarantees in the Business: CWP is a large reputable company that is licensed, bonded and insured, and this provides customer security.

    -Continued Learnings: Constant and ongoing education on all aspects of running your business.

    -Reputation and Marketing Awareness: College Works does business in over 20 states and is known throughout the corporate world as a proven training ground for quality recruits.

    -Safety Training: CWP employs a safety inspector to ensure OSHA, EPA, and company safety regulations are followed. This ensures a safe work environment for all team members.

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    Higher Education
  • About Us

    College Works Paintings provides college and university students a unique, life-transforming opportunity to build business management and leadership skills, hands-on. The internship empowers students to run their own local businesses, manage their own crew of people, and provide a much-needed service within their communities - while earning money as well as invaluable experience.