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Curriculum Developer ($20/hr+)


Curriculum Developer ($20/hr+)
Remote Part-Time Paid


We pay competitively (starting at $20/hr) for a strong work ethic and a will to add value to our team. There are also multiple opportunities to make extra cash through helping in product development as well as performance-based bonuses.

We're a startup and we do our best to maintain a startup culture; all work is self-scheduled and is extremely manageable alongside a full college course load.


Testing preparation content developers will work closely with the operations team to develop high-level content that will drive the creation of our test-prep curriculums for the ACT and SAT.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Developing high quality material that will be added into our client curriculums, strategy documents, question/test banks

  • Undergoing a paid training period (4-7 hrs) to learn how to develop material that will be seamlessly added into our client offering

  • Working at least 7-8 hrs/week on developing material

  • Meeting deadlines set forth by the manager or managing director

  • Responding to all manager and administration communications within 24 hours of being received

  • Actively suggesting new ways to improve the offering of the tutoring departments by having biweekly meetings with managers.

  • Reporting to the division manager with regular evaluations


We require a high school resume that details your GPA, course work, any standardized test scores (Old SAT, New SAT, ACT, SAT IIs, APs, IBs etc.), extracurriculars, and any other relevant information about your high school experiences

If applicable (rising sophomores and older), submit a college resume that details your GPA, coursework, extracurriculars, and any other relevant information about your high school experiences.

NO cover letters please

Any relevant, previous standardized texting tutoring experience SHOULD be included in your high school/college resume as applicable.

Previous experience is not required, but highly encouraged.

We are looking to hire the highest-caliber and qualified content developers. As a result, content developers should show excellent results in the ACT (or parallel SAT sections) in which they hope to tutor (Verbal or STEM). We expect tutors to have scores of 2150+ (old SAT), 1400+ (new SAT), or 32+ (ACT)

Flexible working hours. Part of the position is being able to meet project deadlines. Projects and deadlines will be given to you with advance notice to allow you to plan your working hours ahead of time. However, sometimes projects with urgent deadlines will pop-up.

Willingness and ability to market the CollegeVine brand to fellow students at your university (encourage them to apply) as well as to family members and friends who are potential customers.

About Us

CollegeVine is a near-peer mentorship and college advisory service staffed entirely by students at the nation's top universities. Founded three years ago by three high school friends (Harvard x2 and UChicago), CollegeVine annually works with thousands of students across 10 countries, and its results continue to help students achieve their dreams.

Admissions Hero offers tutoring, peer mentorship, and application advising services though one on one and one-to-many service offerings. Over the lifetime of its existence, it has generated numerous acceptances to every top 30 US University, with 84.7% of its clients gaining acceptance to a top 3 choice school and 76% of its clients gaining acceptance to an Ivy League or equivalent school. Additionally, its clients have on average been offered $120,000 in scholarships.

CollegeVine is perhaps most famous for its pro-bono program, in which it provides free advisory services to talented students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. The company is committed to driving a positive social impact and views pre-configured services as a critical pillar of its overall strategy.

CollegeVine seeks passionate and talented individuals to serve as tutors, mentors, and admissions specialists. Its ultimate goal is to provide individualized attention from achievers that have found success themselves to help students achieve their dreams.

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