Kellogg Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing - 6 Months Online

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Kellogg Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing - 6 Months Online

  • Responsibilities

    The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is your launchpad to advancing a career in digital marketing. This in-depth online program will give you a broad overview of the digital marketing landscape, enable you to develop the most in-demand skills, and help you find your niche in this rapidly expanding field. In addition to learning digital marketing techniques across a wide range of areas like search engine optimization and social media marketing, certifications from top digital platforms such as Google and HubSpot offer enhanced validation of the skills you will have developed.

    Program Overview

    High-Level Program Takeaways Include:

    • Gain a start-to-finish perspective of the strategy and implementation required to become a professional digital marketer.
    • Execute hands-on tools: SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and display ads.
    • Learn how to optimize using metrics: SMART goals, conversion optimization, A/B tests, attribution, and experimentation.
    • Create high-impact content for a new generation of consumers.
    • Develop ad strategies on social media for content that you will plan, create, and promote.
    • Career-focused webinars and assignments for your professional development in digital marketing.
  • Qualifications
    • Early career professionals who want to enter a high-growth field
    • Professionals looking to switch from an existing field into marketing
    • Traditional marketers or corporate communications professionals who want to build on their current skillset to develop digital marketing capabilities
    • Digital marketers wanting to broaden their perspectives by learning about both the strategic and tactical aspects of the digital marketing landscape

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    Emeritus offers online professional education courses in collaboration with top-ranked universities across the world: MIT, Columbia, Dartmouth, Wharton, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, London Business School and others. Using technology and curriculum innovation, Emeritus enables working professionals who cannot enroll in full-time courses to access a top-tier, affordable education that will give them the skills needed to be the business leaders of tomorrow. Emeritus’ global team includes 550+ employees located in Boston, Dubai, Mexico City, Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai and Singapore.