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Fitness App Designer and Tester


Fitness App Designer and Tester
Calabasas, CA Internship Unpaid


If you do really well during your unpaid summer internship, we will hire you full-time in the fall.


We're looking for an App Designer & Tester to join our team! You'll have the chance to learn various things including:

  • Learn how to design software apps without coding experience
  • Learn how to build a successful business
  • Learn how to test softwares for user-friendliness and sustainability


  • We are looking for applicants that love apps and health and fitness.
  • You must be an avid fitness person.
  • You must also be big time into software apps and social media related platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

About Us

Bodiesapp.com is a health and fitness related software development company that has created an app that helps match people who want to workout with trainers and space providers in a revolutionary way.

Fun Fact

This app will change the way the world worksout.