Business Operations Intern

Apply Stickers

Apply Stickers

Business Operations Intern

  • Responsibilities

    We are currently seeking a Business Operations Intern

    You are inspired by the intersection of art and business and want to be a first-twenty employee at a fast-growing, NYC-based sticker start-up. Yes, physical stickers, the kind you might see on the bottom of a skateboard or on a laptop. We're a mission-driven team, passionate about empowering creativity. Apply celebrates the simplicity and accessibility of stickers as a medium and as tools for self-expression, knowing no geographic or generational bounds.

    As an early employee, you will help shape the future of the business, refining our financial model, establishing our core supplier relationships , and working to ensure a successful launch. You will work directly with our co-founders to develop our product, go-to-market strategy, and introduce it to the world.

    You’re a detail-oriented over-achiever, eager to roll up your sleeves and solve the question of the week. You are comfortable in ambiguity, but eager to drive to insight and specificity. You understand the hidden paths in Excel, the time-saving glory of a mail merge, and the cold calculus of critical path. You get it done. You will receive the opportunity to grow into a permanent role as we mature.

    You will love working at Apply, because:

    • You will be taken of: You will receive a competitive compensation package
    • There are no rules, just values: We are passionate about our values, but everything else is a work in progress and yours to shape
    • We will accelerate your career: Own company-defining outcomes and outsized responsibility. We will invest in your training and growth.
    • We only thrive through diversity: Our art, ambitions and customers are diverse, and we will only reach our potential, if it's modeled in our team. We value your unique voice, will listen to it, and amplify it.
    • What could be more fun? After all, we're in the stickers business! Our job is to make things that make people proud and happy.
  • Qualifications

    You are a perfect fit, if you are:

    • Interested in, if not already taken by, the creative & expressive power of stickers
    • A polymath, renaissance learner with passion for your areas of interest
    • Humble, yet driven to get it done - no task is too large or small
    • A builder, compelled to create, with commercial instincts
    • Rigorous, with a strong quantitative skill set
    • A clear & punctual communicator, both verbally and in writing
    • Comfortable across unit economics, three-statement models, sourcing, supply chain, business development and strategy
    • An alliance builder, capable of forging close relationships within the team and with our partners
    • Plugged into the worlds of fine art, fashion, or entertainment

    Please submit your application via WayUp, and we'll be in touch.

  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    We're not above a good googly-eye sticker
  • About Us

    Picasso famously said that "every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Apply makes stickers for the artist in each of us – to tap into our inherent creativity, to take creative risks, and be our boldest, best selves. We lay a foundation for creativity: curating and printing the best stickers in the world. You take it from there: expressing, making, remixing, and reimagining our world in endless ways.