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You can spread the word about WayUp to your networks, and get PAID for every person you refer!

How? We make it simple.

Apply below, and we’ll send you a unique referral link. Share this link with students and recent grads from all over the country, and earn cash for every single person who signs up & verifies a new WayUp account!

Your responsibilities:

-Direct messaging: Chat up your roommates, classmates, and friends in person and over text.

-Social media: Post in Facebook groups, or message your Snapchat and Instagram followers.

-Presentations: Present to your class, club, organization, team, or study group.

-Mass emails: Blast out information to your classmates, co-workers, dorm, or more.


We have only two qualifications: You want to make some money, and love using WayUp!

*Unfortunately, we cannot hire students on an F1 visa for this position.


Up for the challenge?

Here’s how you’ll get paid:

-Get 25 referrals… Make $25!

-Get 50 referrals… Make $50!

-Are you a total rockstar? Get 100 referrals...Make $100 and earn some WayUp swag!

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