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Community Manager for Social Networking App

Scorp App

Community Manager for Social Networking App
National Part-Time Paid


$250 USD per month / approx. 30 min work per day


  • Create a team of 20 Content Ambassadors who are American college students based in the US, between the ages of 18 to 22, already active in social media platforms and eager to learn a new social networking app, good looking, video/blog/selfie lover, and popular in their friends circle.

  • Create a Whatsapp Group with them and include the Global Community Manager into the group. This Whatsapp group will be used to maintain a successful relationship between the managers and the ambassadors, to brainstorm new headline topics, to solve any questions occured within the team, to motivate team members and to increase the team’s overall performance.

  • Work closely with the Content Manager on existing and newly added headline topics and launch the headlines on the App.

  • Manage and lead your team. Keep track of your team’s posts and likes. Make sure they are on top of their tasks which are;

  • Post 15 sec selfie videos on headlines at least once per day.

  • Like 25+ videos in a day.

  • Invite all friends via Facebook with one tap button from Scorp App.


previous social media usage experience


  • US Citizen

  • Currently a College Student in the US

  • Between the ages of 18 to 23

About Us

World's Most Geniune Social Network

Millions of millennials telling their stories on any subject in 15 sec selfie videos!

Scorp is a new way of building connections, networks and communities.

Needless to say, we are taking social media experience to a new, exhilarating level!

Fun Fact

We are happily located in San Francisco, Istanbul and Berlin.

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