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NYC Web Development Intern

Brick & Portal

NYC Web Development Intern
New York, NY Part-Time Unpaid


The position is primarily unpaid with credit option available if college offers such.

For a highly experienced candidate, we can potentially offer a stipend.


We run a multi-instance backend on AWS with Linux OS and quite complicated/cool cloud infrastructure for a very interesting data aggregator and front-end CMS platform.

Looking for a Linux knowledgeable/interested computer science student to come help us manage and build-out our infrastructure.

You'll be working with many awesome AWS services from EC2, S3, Route 53, VPCs, ElasticBeanstalk,


AWS, Linux, Ubuntu, Dev Ops, Python, Django


  • Computer Science/Engineering degree Alum or current Student

  • Cloud Server Systems setup (AWS preferred)

  • Linux (Ubuntu preferred)

  • Some Python knowledge a plus (Django framework preferred)

  • Past Hackathon participation a plus

About Us

Brick & Portal is a global e-commerce aggregator for brands, multi-brand retailers, department stores, and boutiques.

The aggregated content is elegantly displayed and creatively marketed back to the users for a superbly increased purchase potential.

Fashion as a passion is a bonus but not a must. :)