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Restaurant Host (Part-Time) - TPC Sawgrass

Mueller Water Products

Restaurant Host (Part-Time) - TPC Sawgrass

Decatur, IL
  • Responsibilities

    RESPONSIBILITY: Review all work orders in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that require formal planning, decide whether a field check is required, and assemble a job plan that includes any specialty service needs, a bill of material and all necessary permits. In addition, review job estimates versus actual and make adjustments to the job plan.


    • Review all work orders that require formal plan
    • Decide whether or not a field check is required
    • Perform field checks when necessary
    • Retrieve the existing plan if available or identify the job steps and sequence for those work orders that do not have existing job plans.
    • Review the work orders to identify any special service requirements
    • Review the work orders to identify any material requirements
    • Review or create a bill of materials for all work orders that require formal planning
    • Work with the purchasing department and enter a material request.
    • Identify those work orders that require permits.
    • Review all work orders and list them in either the PPM schedule or the planned backlog
    • Review all job plans for accuracy and make adjustments as necessary (estimates versus actual)
    • Writes Effective and Quantitative PMs
      • Reviews existing PMs and removes any PMs that can be replaced by a Predictive Maintenance Technologies.
      • Reviews existing PMs and rewrites any PMs that new to be improved and writes new PMs as necessary.
      • Determines Task Applicability and Frequency
    • Reviews all completed work orders for completeness and makes changes to job plans based of craftsman feedback. This includes adjusting procedures, time to complete the work, tools, and parts used as necessary to improve the job plan
    • Reviews all completed work orders for possible Management of Change requirements that may need to be initiated.
    • Review, develop and or modify Bills of Materials for all equipment plant-wide and enter into the CMMS.


    • Plan EHS Work Orders first according to their urgency
    • Create complete job plans following Mueller Co Best Practices for every job
    • Include all specifications needed in job plans (ie precision maintenance specs, clearances, torques, etc…)
    • Attend priority and planning meetings, outage coordination meetings and schedule review meeting and be prepared to actively participate as required
    • Create Model Work Orders for recurring jobs
    • Maintain Predict/Preventive maintenance work orders as needed
    • Maintain BOMs (add/delete parts and create new when necessary)
    • Assist with other area work requests and WO Backlog as needed
    • Transfer skills and knowledge when appropriate


    • Write complete scopes of work for contracted maintenance services
    • Create contract requisitions in CMMS and route to appropriate approvers
    • Identify plant representative in contract requisition
    • Complete Union Notifications on time for all contracted jobs if required
    • Work with material coordinator to identify service providers



    • Improve existing Model Work Orders as needed
    • Review Planner Feedback from crews and adjust work order instructions as needed
    • Review planner accuracy reports and adjust man hours as appropriate
    • Participate in shutdown critiques and seek opportunities to continuously improve
    • Create and maintain a controlled document library

    Required Skills

    Bachelor's degree in a relevant field of work or an equivalent combination of education and work related experience.

    Required Experience

    Five (5) years demonstrated work related experience

  • Qualifications

    Bachelor's degree in a relevant field of work or an equivalent combination of education and work related experience.

  • Industry