Brand Ambassador

Childhood Cancer Society

Childhood Cancer Society

Brand Ambassador

  • Responsibilities

    Job Description:

    Join us at Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) as a Brand Ambassador Intern for the inspiring Adventure Ted Challenge 2024. As a Brand Ambassador Intern, you will be tasked with utilizing your dynamic skills in networking to make a substantial impact in the fight against pediatric cancer.

    The Adventure Ted Challenge 2024:

    Embark on a mission that transcends fundraising – you'll build a movement to support families battling pediatric cancer. Your unique skills, whether in communication, digital media, or creative fundraising, will drive this campaign's success.

    Your Heroic Role:

    • Spearhead innovative fundraising initiatives on

    • Utilize your storytelling and media talents to rally and grow your network.

    • Collaborate with our passionate team, enhancing your skills in digital campaigning.

    • Lead with creativity in social media, events, or direct outreach.

    Empowerment and Growth:

    Begin with a tailored roadmap from a CCS Success Manager, and receive comprehensive support from our Communications, Art, Software Development, and Videography teams to ensure your campaign's success. As a CCS Ambassador, you’re invited to the foundation's weekly Brain Trust Zoom meetings (Mondays/Thursdays 8:30PM-9:30PM EST) to collaborate on innovative ways to raise money and awareness for the Childhood Cancer Society. You’ll also receive access to our Discord server, The Adventurers, where ideas and support can continue to develop for your ambassador related activities.

  • Qualifications

    Who We're Looking For:

    • Enthusiastic individuals, ready to drive change.

    • Those with a flair for engaging communication, media, or unique fundraising approaches.

    Incentive Program Ambassadors share in the funds they raise by receiving a 10% commission on what they raise to help Childhood Cancer Society fulfill it’s mission of supporting families with pediatric cancer.

    First $1,000 Raised: Get an Adventure Ted Plush and copy of Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park.

    -Achieve the $15,000 milestone and win a free trip to Orlando, FL to join the Adventure Ted Collaboration network for the Beat Cancer Party Victory Dinner (December 6th-9th). Also join our wish grant families at the theme parks to see your work in action! (includes flights, lodging for 3 nights, 1 Disney Hopper Pass + 1 Universal Hopper Pass).

    ***Every additional $5,000 raised covers another person to join you on this experience.

    Adventure Ted Perks: Active participants receive TeddyGrams, digital messages from Adventure Ted, announcing sponsor-granted prizes or the option to auction the prize for further fundraising. These announcements are posted on the Adventure Ted Challenge GiveButter campaign wall, so stay tuned for updates!

    Ready for a life-changing journey? Apply now to leverage your talents, expand your network, and contribute to a meaningful cause. Be part of this transformative campaign and make a real impact in the lives of families facing pediatric cancer!

    How to Apply:

    Leap into this unique opportunity by submitting your resume on WayUp. Answer the application questions and get ready to change lives, including your own!

  • Desired skills
    • Should have social media presence on social media

    • Must have strong communication skills

    • Must be able to work in a team environment but also able to take initiative, work as a self-starter

  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    One of our main wish grants is sending children on one of the most VIP Disney/Universal Theme Park experience in the world. Here are some examples: 2021 Year In Review:' Wish Grant Summary:
  • About Us

    At Childhood Cancer Society (CCS), a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, we provide essential support to families facing the trials of pediatric cancer. Our origin traces back to a teenager's resolve to amplify family support after his own childhood health challenges. Today, CCS commits to delivering hope, emotional reinforcement, and financial aid to ensure no child endures the journey of cancer treatment alone.

    Embodying our ethos of perseverance and optimism is Adventure Ted, our superhero teddy bear and official spokes-bear. He embodies the courage found in adventures, guiding children and families to maintain a positive outlook by embracing his motto: "See the adventure in all that you do." CCS not only strives to alleviate the burden of childhood cancer but also to infuse this challenging journey with a sense of adventure and possibility.