Camp Program Director

Camp Starfish

Camp Program Director

Rindge, NH
  • Responsibilities

    The Program Director assumes responsibility for overall delivery of program throughout camp. This includes supervision of all program counselors and activity areas.

    • Supervise all program counselors with no less than weekly feedback opportunities to ensure each individual’s growth of responsibilities and expertise in his or her individual program area.
    • Create and implement the Daily Schedule; ensure its dissemination to all staff members
    • Create and make public the Day Off Schedule in a timely manner prior to the beginning of each camp session
    • Responsibly manage the program budget alongside the CD
    • Ensure transitions between activities and activities themselves are structured, safe and on time
    • Make programmatic changes as needed and communicate them to the Starfish staff team
    • Evaluate program delivery and implement opportunities for staff to participate in program evaluation
    • Inventory and manage program supplies, make purchase requests for large items, and ensure areas are stocked with required supplies
    • Assign campers to activity groups with input from Village Administrators
    • Notify CD and DSE of campers and/or staff needing additional support or placement changes
    • Organize Special Events including, but not limited to: Opening Day/Visiting Day; Tournaments; Visiting Acts (“Curious Creatures,” etc.); Talent Shows; and Peace Games
    • Organize an Evening Program each night, ensuring a mix of all-camp, all-village, and bunk-only evening programs
    • Oversee the camper skills program, TagUp
    • Work with Village Administrators to provide opportunities for each camper to participate in an overnight experience
    • Provide overall behavioral support for campers and staff working with campers in difficult situations
    • Follow policy and procedures and supervise staff in such a way that camper and staff safety are always the utmost priority
    • Assist with upkeep of staff morale through staff appreciation and recognition initiatives
    • Complete other duties as assigned
  • Qualifications

    The Program Director should meet the following requirements:

    • Have the desire and ability to work with children outdoors, in a mission-focused, not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering the success and growth of children with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges
    • Pass all background checks as required for employees of an organization working with vulnerable child populations
    • Respect differences in religion/ethnicity/culture/race/gender/sexual orientation and other diversities present in the staff and camper population
    • At least 21 years old
    • One summer of work experience at Camp Starfish or in a similar program preferred
  • Compensation
    Salary commensurate with experience. Room and board provided. Travel stipend offered.
  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    2019 will be our 20th camp season! Be ready for some fun milestone celebrations!
  • About Us
    Camp Starfish is a not-for-profit residential summer camp that serves children between the ages of 5 to 18 who have emotional, behavioral and learning challenges. We are located in Rindge, NH.