Software Engineering Team (Internship/Course Credit Eligible)

Childhood Cancer Society

Childhood Cancer Society

Software Engineering Team (Internship/Course Credit Eligible)

  • Responsibilities

    As a member of the Web Development Team you are an invaluable member of the Childhood Cancer Society Team! Through this program, you will play an integral part in collaborating with a diverse team of individuals from across the nation to help us deliver our message of hope, positivity, and adventure. The web development team meets Wednesdays for weekly stand-ups from 8-9PM EST. You will also be invited to attend our Brain Trust meetings over Zoom (Monday & Thursday 8:30-9:30PM EST). During these meetings, our team analyzes the impact of past projects while also brainstorming new opportunities to execute.

    The Web Development Team will work together with our Social Media Team, Graphic Design Team, Animation Team, and Video Production Team. Responsibilities will include:

    Website Management/Design

    Collaborations, linking our website to other pertinent websites

    Managing and implementing designs created by our Graphic Design Team.

    Updating articles, events, and highlighting collaborations.

    Managing the Childhood Cancer Society Shopify. See our store here:

    Mobile app development (React Native, Flutter)

    Please be sure to take a look at our GitHub organization ( to get a better understanding of what the web development team does.

    Also, take a look at our websites ( & as well as our Facebook Pages @ChildhoodCancerSociety & @AdventureTed.Official to learn more about the organization. Adventure Ted is the superhero mascot of our foundation and plays a central role in our communications strategy.

  • Qualifications

    We are looking for individuals with a strong desire to make a positive impact and a burning interest in software development.

    Applicants who wish to do something exceptionally nice for a family battling childhood cancer in their community or network are a plus. Our VIP Disney/Universal Theme Park Vacation program is life changing. All words fall short.

  • Desired skills

    The web development team at CCS is made up of individuals from varying backgrounds and different software development skillsets.

    While none of these are mandatory asks, it will definitely help you onboard a lot faster if you are comfortable using the following technologies:

    • HTML/ CSS/ JS
    • React
    • NodeJS

    Nice-to-have experience: - React Native - NextJS - TailwindCSS - StrapiJS - Any DevOps

  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    One of our main wish grants is sending children on one of the most VIP Disney/Universal Theme Park experience in the world. Here are some examples: 2021 Year In Review:' Wish Grant Summary:
  • About Us

    Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) began with the vision of a 16-year-old high school student who realized that having family around him while he was being evaluated for childhood leukemia created the support that he needed to cope.

    There is nothing more powerful than the miracles that result from the love of family, and it is the mission of CCS to see to it that children diagnosed with cancer have the opportunity to experience the benefits that come from this vital support system. A true miracle happens when a child looks up from a hospital bed and feels the comfort of loved ones at their side.

    Every child deserves to be surrounded by the special love of family during illness. The reality of the situation is that not every family has the means to do so, especially if medical treatment takes them far away from home. CCS provides funds for medical care, accommodations, and travel expenses to make it possible for families in need to obtain the necessary care for their children and to be with them when out of town hospitalization and treatment is required.

    Additionally CCS provides gifts and wish grants to children with pediatric cancer. While children are naturally resilient, we believe that the occasional gift/wish grant provides a positive state of mind and creates the optimal environment for the body to heal. Recipients of this type of support are recommended to us via hospital social workers who keep an eye out for children who are in need of this kindness.

    100% of the profits from Childhood Cancer Society are used to help families. CCS is a non-profit organization that is tax exempt under the Federal Income Tax section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

    Please join us as we bring families together so that the miracle of healing can begin – one precious child at a time!

    *We appreciate your support. Don’t forget to include your contribution to us when you file for your taxes!