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Software Engineering Team (Internship/Course Credit Eligible)

Childhood Cancer Society

Childhood Cancer Society

Software Engineering Team (Internship/Course Credit Eligible)

  • Responsibilities

    🔸Empower the Digital Realm: As a member of the Web Development Team, you're more than just an intern – you're a pillar of Childhood Cancer Society's digital revolution. Over 4 months, align your coding prowess with our mission of hope, positivity, and adventure.

    🔸Agile Meetings: Engage in our Brain Trust on Zoom every Monday & Thursday from 8:30-9:30PM EST to assess past endeavors and blueprint innovative projects.

    🔸Cross-Functional Collaborations: Marry your technical finesse with the artistry of our Social Media Team, Graphic Design Team, Animation Team, and Video Production Team. Major tasks include: Website Management/Design. Strategic collaborations: Integrate external web links to maximize reach. Translating graphic visions into responsive designs. Refreshing content: articles, events, and notable partnerships. Overseeing the Childhood Cancer Society Shopify. Pioneering mobile apps (React Native, Flutter).

    🔸Get Acquainted: Peruse our GitHub to grasp our digital evolution. Explore &, and connect with us on Facebook (@ChildhoodCancerSociety & @AdventureTed.Official). Remember, Adventure Ted isn’t just a mascot – he's our superhero ambassador.

    Get a glimpse of our impact by checking out this wish grant reveal with one of our collaborators, @charlotte.a.tucker:

    Also, check our Adventure Ted Experiences video:

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  • Qualifications

    🔸Tech Maverick: 2+ years in software engineering or mobile app development. 🔸Passionate Coder: A relentless drive to leave a mark in the tech arena and an ardor for software solutions. 🔸 Heart of Gold: A zeal to uplift a family facing pediatric cancer is admirable. Experience the magic of our VIP Disney/Universal Theme Park Vacation initiative.

  • Desired skills

    While not mandatory, familiarity with these technologies accelerates onboarding: Core: HTML/CSS/JS, React, NodeJS. Bonus: React Native, NextJS, TailwindCSS, StrapiJS, DevOps insights.

  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    One of our main wish grants is sending children on one of the most VIP Disney/Universal Theme Park experience in the world. Here are some examples: 2021 Year In Review:' Wish Grant Summary:
  • About Us

    At Childhood Cancer Society (CCS), a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, we provide essential support to families facing the trials of pediatric cancer. Our origin traces back to a teenager's resolve to amplify family support after his own childhood health challenges. Today, CCS commits to delivering hope, emotional reinforcement, and financial aid to ensure no child endures the journey of cancer treatment alone.

    Embodying our ethos of perseverance and optimism is Adventure Ted, our superhero teddy bear and official spokes-bear. He embodies the courage found in adventures, guiding children and families to maintain a positive outlook by embracing his motto: "See the adventure in all that you do." CCS not only strives to alleviate the burden of childhood cancer but also to infuse this challenging journey with a sense of adventure and possibility.