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Free Lancer/Shoe Designer


Free Lancer/Shoe Designer
National One-Time Paid


This is per-project-basis only. Feel free to connect with me.


  • We are looking for a free lancer/ footwear designer who can develop and design women shoes.

  • Shoes are minimalistic/futuristic style.

  • Can do technical drawings, illustrations for new concepts


  • Computer skills is a must
  • Communication
  • Attention to details
  • Creative
  • Artistic


Student or Recent Grad that is;

Free Lancer/ Footwear designer --interested or passionate in designing women shoes.

About Us

Hello! I am planning/starting my online retail business for Lady OS and looking for a free lancer shoe designer who can contribute great concepts for Lady OS (women shoes only). This brand is going for consumers who are minimalistic and have futuristic style on shoes.If fashion footwear designing fires you up! You're in the right place. Join me in this new venture! It will be lots of fun! ( If you are within or near in New York, it will be an advantage)

NOTE: This is a per-project-basis only.

Fun Fact

I used to be a music band member. I have a dog named "Buster" , you'll be buddies once you meet him.He's very smart. I'm a new mom to a beautiful baby boy.My favorite food is " pasta".

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