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Girls Lacrosse Coach at Summer Camp

Camp Equinunk and Blue Ridge

Girls Lacrosse Coach at Summer Camp
Equinunk, PA Internship Paid


Competitive + room and board


Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge is looking for an experienced Female Lacrosse Coach/Counselor to run our Girl's program.

  • Our lacrosse coach lives in a bunk with one or two other co-counselors but will spend their days away from the bunk and on the lacrosse fields.
  • Most importantly, our lacrosse coach will resume the role of a bunk counselor at times when they are away from their specialized area.
  • Lacrosse coaches/counselors at Equinunk and Blue Ridge typically have 3-5 + years of experience teaching or instructing their particular area of expertise.
  • We also strongly look towards individuals with the proper certifications.

There is certainly time off for our staff, in fact, it becomes very necessary during a marathon seven weeks at summer camp. There will be five days off over the eight weeks our staff spends with us plus a couple of nights out each week. We strongly recommend using your time off to re-energize, but our administrative team works very hard to provide some pretty exciting travel and trip opportunities as well.


  • 5 + Years of Playing Experience
  • 3-5 Years of Experience Coaching
  • Experience working with children

About Us

Since 1920, our traditional summer camps have been at the forefront of resident camping and have served as a summer home to hundreds of campers, and staff for a memorable seven week summer.

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