Business Development Fellowship (Intern to $78k in 3 Months)

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SV Academy

SV Academy

Business Development Fellowship (Intern to $78k in 3 Months)

Full Time
  • Responsibilities
    • 12-week program, that culminates in a junior level sales role at a high growth tech company in the San Fransisco Bay Area or New York City.
    • ~30 hours of weekly commitment: Asynchronous & Synchronous (live)
    • Virtual learning, including interview preparation, visualization, and communication skills development
    • From LinkedIn to Google, your new network of mentors are leaders in the industry’s biggest companies.
    • Complete the first 12 weeks of our program and transition into a junior role at a fast-growing company with an average starting full-time offer of $79,000
  • Qualifications
    • Within 60 days of graduation or bachelors degree holder

    • Relocation Required (San Fransisco or New York City)

    • Ability to work in the United States upon graduation

    • Strong desire to be in a Sales role in tech

    • Excellent written/verbal skills

    • Comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment

  • Compensation
    Avg. $79,000 Starting Package
  • Industry
    Professional Training and Coaching
  • Fun Fact
    SVAcademy's CEO has a TEDx video with over 30k views!
  • About Us
    The SV Academy Business Development Fellowship is a free, 12-week, skill building and mentorship program that connects job-seekers with employers hiring for full-time sales and marketing roles in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York City & more to come!