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Business Development Fellowship

SV Academy

Business Development Fellowship
Remote Entry-Level Paid


Interns/fellows receive a starting salary of $78,000 after three months.


SVAcademy is dedicated to helping hardworking Americans break into the tech industry and become part of a lifelong community of high performers. We believe there is no better way to start your career than in business development, and we’ll show you how.

As a Business Development Fellow, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the business development discipline as a human-centered problem-solving service through exploration of technology ecosystem, organizational design, sales methodologies, and behavior psychology
  • Understand and experience the life of an entry-level business development representative by learning the key tasks and responsibilities, and by practicing skills in simulated and real-world environments
  • Practice effective communication by developing skills around pitching, presentations, warmth and competence, comfort and sincerity in phone conversations, and empathy for multiple stakeholders

This fellowship will start as a part-time remote opportunity and after 13 weeks will move to a full-time position


  • College senior or recent graduate
  • U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder
  • Would like to work in Silicon Valley upon graduation
  • Interested in business and entrepreneurship
  • Strong verbal and written skills
  • Can manage a full course load plus our program

About Us

SVAcademy’s team has started and sold software companies to Oracle and HP, hired and trained more than 400 business development representatives, conducted admissions at Harvard, and coached more than 100,000 students across the country. We are backed by Bloomberg, ReThink Education and senior executives from large software companies. You can find more about us on our website: sv.academy

Here's a quick video on the outcomes we are driving for students, the CEO's TEDx video “How Getting Fired From McDonald’s Changed My Life” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny1FmCnABDU), and the SF Chronicle article covering our public launch (http://www.sfchronicle.com/business/article/It-s-no-coding-camp-Vocational-training-aims-11824495.php).

Fun Fact

SVAcademy's CEO has a TEDx video with over 30k views!