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2017 Team Member at Student-led Ministry

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

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Outside of working approximately 40 hours a week in or near a national park, ACMNP team members are expected to lead approximately 1-3 interdenominational worship services on Sundays with their team.

This may include leading worship, sharing a message, and greeting worship attenders. ACMNP team members are also expected to spend time on Saturday nights inviting park visitors to their worship services.

Often times, ministry teams also lead bible studies or help with park stewardship initiatives!


  • Applicants first and foremost must love Jesus, the outdoors, and ministry!

  • Must be over 18 years of age upon the job start date.

  • Must agree with A Christian Ministry in the National Park’s doctrinal statement found here: http://www.acmnp.com/about.


Hourly minimum wage dependent on state of placement

About A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

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Who we are

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP) is a grassroots, student-led ministry that began in Yellowstone National Park in 1951.