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Soulhunter Ambassador

Soulhunter Ltd.

Soulhunter Ambassador
National Part-Time Paid


We'll pay you $10 for every new active Soulhunter user you get (up to a maximum of $1,000).

A very easy way of earning some extra money just by sharing Soulhunter with your friends in your spare time.


You'll spread the word about Soulhunter among your contacts, both on the ground and via social media, email and any other ways you can think of to reach people with the aim of maximising the number of active users in our app.

You'll also help your contacts get their Soulhunter accounts up and running and will help them familiarising with the main features of Soulhunter.


Applicants must have an intense social life and be active users of main social media


There’s no single characteristic that makes up a Soulhunter Brand Ambassador.

We’re looking for leaders, hard-workers, and people who know how to have a good time.

You've got to be charismatic, fearless, and want to share something awesome with the world.

About Us

Soulhunter offers the perfect socialisation environment (laid back and safe atmosphere), where one can incorporate new people to its circle of contacts (this is difficult in conventional social media more oriented to keep in touch with whom one already knows). This experience is all wrapped up in a fun and simple game without the negative perception/rejection that other social/geolocation apps more oriented to dating might cause to many people.

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