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Bike Entrepreneurs wanted for new startup ($15/hr)

Baas Bikes

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Baas Bikes is an app that students use to buy and sell bikes. Our app syncs with our Bluetooth-enabled bike lock, so the whole sales process is automated. In each local market, we're looking for a student to help sellers get their bikes sold and make money.

Responsibilities include:

  • Tuning up and minor repair work to get bikes in good condition
  • Assisting the seller in getting their bike prepped for sale (photos, For Sale sign, chaining the bike to a visible rack up with our special lock)
  • Uploading the bike info to the Baas platform
  • Bike Marketing (fliers, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp)
  • Identifying new sellers in the market, and getting them to use Baas to sell their bikes
  • Making sure the market has a variety of options
  • Helping buyers with the purchase process


We’re looking for entrepreneurial students who love bikes, and want to see more students riding them.

What we need is:

  • Honesty first and foremost because people are entrusting us with their property

  • Previous bike shop or mechanical experience is very important. We need someone who likes getting their hands dirty. A person who can take an old bike and make it rideable again can make a lot of money on our platform.

What we want is:

  • Someone with great energy and enthusiasm who wants to run their own business on their own time

  • A person who thinks big about how many students can be using the system to buy and sell bikes.

  • Appreciation and understanding of working with a small tech startup team

  • Interested in the marketing funnel of acquiring and activating users and converting them into buyers


$15/hour for managing operations and tune up work.

Ability to make money by selling fixed up bikes as well. This could be anywhere from $25 - $100 per bike. Baas takes a flat commission on the sale, and the rest is the seller's.

About Baas Bikes

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Who we are

Baas Bikes is an app that enables students to buy and sell used bikes in a completely streamlined way. When someone wants to sell a bike, we post it in our app and give them a Baas smart lock. Then buyers can discover the bike in the app, test ride it anytime by unlocking it with their phone, and pay the owner directly. We love bikes and want everyone to be riding one.