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Design Intern


Design Intern
Remote Part-Time Unpaid


College Credit, Building Your Portfolio, and (hopefully) if all goes well, with funding we can transition into a paid position opportunity (part time/full time flexible)


Are you a graphic design student interested in branding? Do you like the idea of working at a start-up? Does the idea of launching a new product sound exciting to you?

If yes to all of the above, we want to hear from you! We're on the hunt for a Graphic Design Intern that can help us polish the look and feel of our start-up as we look to go live and launch a new augmented reality game for mobile. Think Pokemon Go meets FourSquare.


  • We'll give you the chance to say you helped build a brand identity for your portfolio.
  • We're happy to offer college credit and stellar accolades for a job well done.
  • We're more than happy to write you letters of recommendation, connect you to people in our network, and potentially talk about full time ops down the line.
  • Sadly, we can't pay you cold, hard ca$h just yet, but we'll teach you all about running a tech start up and mentor you every step of the way!


We want a go-getter who knows their opinion will be valued (and isn't afraid to share it). Someone with great ideas, passion and hustle. Someone with an eye for design and a heart for our product.


  • A go-getter who thrives in an environment where they can work independently. We're not micromanagers..ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Someone comfortable offering their opinion and expertise - your design eye is something we will definitely value. We won't treat you like an intern if you're talented and smart. And luckily, we work remote, so there will not be any coffee fetching!
  • Someone who can work quickly. We won't measure your performance by hours clocked in on the job, but we'll value a quick turn around and the ability to think on your feet.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset - start up life is not for the faint of heart. It's a fun, wild ride and we want people who are excited by that uncertainty.
  • A clear communicator. We get it. School comes first. We are always happy to work around your schedule but we want to keep the lines of communication open.


  • You'll have the chance to build a brand from the ground up, developing your portfolio with identity work
  • You'll work with our Founder and CMO directly.


  • You're excited by color theory
  • You already have prior experience designing logos (class work counts too, show us what 'ya got)
  • You've used Slack & Asana before
  • You're interested in augmented reality and new technologies

About Us

Kwest is a mobile game for real world explorers. We use augmented reality to enhance the world around us through a choose your-own-adventure style gaming platform. The streets you frequent, the stores you pass and the parks you walk through are all transformed into the portals to a new world. Pick and choose from various themes with riddles to solve

Kwest hopes to become the world’s premier gaming platform for augmented reality experiences. We believe life is one big story, and the world is our oyster of possibility. There are so many ways to explore the world around us and with Kwest, even a walk down the same old streets becomes a brand new adventure.

Fun Fact

We started as a scavenger hunt app in 2015.