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Harvard Student Advisors ($30/hr)


Harvard Student Advisors ($30/hr)
Remote Part-Time Paid


Upwards of $30/hr. You set your own price in the App. You can change the pricing anytime you want. (On an average, college students are making $30-$40 an hour)


Getting into Harvard University is a dream for many high schoolers. Some of the folks are fortunate to get guidance during their high school but some aren't so.

As a result, many students don't even apply for Harvard and miss out on the chances of receiving high quality education. With Mentr app, our vision is to bridge this gap by enabling communication between Harvard students (You) and high schoolers.

You can make a difference in someone's life by advising on their college application process by sharing your own experiences. And while doing so, you get to earn extra income which can go towards your tuition and living expenses.

As a student adviser on this app, you will:

  • Download Mentr app and sign up

  • Using the app, share your experience and advise high schoolers on Do's and Don'ts of college application.

  • Answer high schoolers questions on Harvard campus life, work loads, campus jobs etc.

  • Set your own price for your time and make money.


An ideal person would have an iPhone and:

  • Excellent verbal and written skills (You can convince and impress people)

  • High energy (You are the influencer)

  • Technology enthusiasm (You have latest apps)

Note: iPhone is a must as Mentr app is on iOS for now. Android version is coming soon.

About Us

Mentr is a peer to peer information and experience sharing app. We are bridging the gap between students who are fortunate to have great network of well connected friends and family and those who are not so fortunate.

Eg: A high schooler wants to apply to her dream college and wants to know more about the application, culture and living so that she can make her decision. If she is not so fortunate, she may not have access to these information and may end up not applying for it. By using Mentr app, she has a better chance of connecting with students from the college that she can relate to and get her questions answered at a fraction of cost. Students who list their help on Mentr will be able to make some extra cash by helping others. Its a win:win for both.

With Mentr you can contact influencers outside your social network for their knowledge and advice and pursue your dreams by making informed decisions.

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