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Product Tester for Task Management App


Product Tester for Task Management App
National One-Time Paid


You will be compensated $50 for completing all tasks in a truthful manner. We expect to see you put about 2 hours of your time into this. That means your answers need to show us that you put in some genuine thought into them.

If you find some of the dialogues a little strange or maybe lacking, and you feel like you could be of help, send us an example or two and we can talk further compensation.


  • Download the free Taskbot App from App Store and register using your email.

  • Get at least 2 people to try the app with you.

  • Create at least 5 real tasks with each person.

  • Follow the tasks through to completion using taskbot.

  • When you find bugs, help us by writing how we can reproduce them.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Did you find taskbot helpful? Why?
  2. How would you improve the app to make it more useful to you?
  3. Was it difficult to get people to try the app with you?
  4. Why should people use taskbot?

Rate from 1-10

  • Taskbot design
  • Taskbot usability
  • Taskbot usefulness
  • Overall taskbot experience


Organization skills and enthusiasm will take you a long way.


There are no specific qualifications that are required other than you taking this seriously and giving us feedback based on real experience with the app.

About Us

Taskbot is a smart task manager. Unlike everything else on the market, taskbot takes proactive actions like following-up on tasks, rescheduling due dates and sending out alerts.

Fun Fact

We actually started out making a one-tap messaging app called onetap IM.

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