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U of I Campus Manager ($25/hr on average)


U of I Campus Manager ($25/hr on average)
Champaign, IL Campus Rep Paid


$25/hr on average ($10/hr base + bonuses)


What you'll get out of the job:

  • Widely applicable leadership experience through managing a team of your peers

  • A lens into the startup world and what it takes to grow a young company

  • Insights into the fundamentals of ROI-based marketing and analysis

  • A chance to make a real and lasting impact both at your campus and with Moocho as a whole

  • Opportunity to be hired into a full time position after graduation


Most of our activities will be centered around U of I, however, we're open to hiring candidates from other schools in the area!

Be part of an exciting start-up, hone your leadership skills, and exercise your creativity as Campus Manager with Moocho!

In this role, you’ll be working closely with us at Corporate to design and execute a campus marketing program to fuel growth at U of I The Campus Manager is our quarterback, and as such we expect them to be fearless leaders, to take charge, and to get things done. This is a collaborative internship where big, creative thinkers and go-getters can make a huge impact from day one.

Pay is $10 per hour base rate with the opportunity to earn bonuses based on weekly individual and team performance. Our best Campus Managers regularly make $30+ per hour!

Overall objectives include:

  • Utilize your knowledge of campus life to figure out the most effective ways of getting students interested in Moocho

  • Hire and manage a badass group of influential campus ambassadors

  • Schedule and organize regular shifts and special events to spread the word about Moocho and sign up new users

  • Help create buzz and boost Moocho’s credibility on campus

  • Promote our merchant partners and work with us to ensure that their experience with Moocho is nothing but positive

  • Foster a welcoming environment for employees to work hard, be creative, and learn


  • Able to dedicate ~20 hrs/wk to Moocho

  • Marketing experience is ideal/preferred, but not required

  • Experience managing a small team is also ideal/preferred, but not required

  • Demonstrable critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • High level of organization and ability to communicate clearly

  • Reliability and a desire to go above and beyond

  • Highly comfortable speaking / interacting with strangers

  • Ability to understand and motivate your employees

  • Flexible schedule + ability to work some weekends

Most of our activities will be centered around U of I, however, we're open to hiring candidates from other schools in the area!

About Us

Moocho is the leading college rewards and payment app. With Moocho, college students can use their phone to pay at all their favorite merchants on and around campus, and earn exclusive rewards and discounts for doing so. Basically, we give you something back for spending the money you’d already be spending anyway!

Fun Fact

Moocho was started by two of the founders of StubHub!