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Medical Call Center Lead Nurture Specialist


Medical Call Center Lead Nurture Specialist

Brooklyn, NY
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    We Are Hiring and Training Front Desk In House Sales Reps To Manage Our Brooklyn In Bound Call Center. Here's what we are looking for see if it fits you....

    We Are A Unique Physical Therapy Consulting Company With Offices In Brooklyn and Miami And Our Brand Has Established Itself As The Only Non Surgical Pain Elimination Specialists In Brooklyn

    This is a perfect opportunity for you, only if you have prior experience and skill working specifically with phone telesales, phone lead nurturing or a call center using a crm system and or lead qualification process. Preferably in the health, fitness or wellness sectors...

    Please stop reading here, if you lack the skills working in an an inbound/outbound call center. You must have minimum 2 years experience in a call center to apply. Though we can train you in the tasks and process of our office you must bring those hard skills- does that make sense?

    Ok you are probably thinking to yourself, oh this is just a receptionist or secretaries job because you already worked in a doctors office picking up phones this is and easy right up your alley right? No sorry that's false here's why...

    In a receptionist or secretary job you work logistics setting up times, dates and demographic information for people who already know about a product or service, maybe they tried the service or product and they already have trust, they already made the decision that they want the service or solution you are offering makes sense?...

    At this job as a medical call center lead specialist your skill set is all about selling people on a result they have no idea how they will achieve and you are helping guide them to make the best decision. In fact your job depends on them converting from an unsure person to an excited person who wants to come in and get the service because you are skilled in persuading them that this indeed was the right choice. The choices they have been led to believe is that they can get Physical Therapy does already and that its just a massage or hot pad. led to believe that the only solution to their problem is a pill an injection or orthopedic surgery.

    Are you personally passionate about avoiding medications, injections and surgeries yourself? Would you go out of your way to travel and pay for a solution that is not what your insurance pays for? You need to ethically and morally give people the option to decide that there are better solutions for health than they have been given...

    I think of us as the whole foods, or starbucks of Physical Therapy providers because we use technologies, processes and methods 98 percent of traditional run of the mill therapy centers cannot execute on. Still intrigued by this opportunity?

    You will be required to respond to, and convince skeptical leads who come from all sorts of advertisements, marketing content both from social media or newspapers or google who know nothing about us to book an appointment with our office which will require tremendous patience and follow up by you. I trust that as you continue reading the rest of this you are skilled in telesales or call center work.

    here's how we choose the best candidate....You Must have an amazing friendly can do attitude and bringing your own batteries of motivation, self determination and energy to excel day in and day out. This job requires the highest desire and intention to help people solve problems and make decisions about their quality of life and health. You will love this job if you are naturally a very curious person who can spend hours picking people's brains, asking deep questions that unravel their true desires, hopes fears and dreams. Think of this as a mix between psychoanalysis, persuasion, and being a master communicator. People love to tell their story and it's your job to never judge. Your job is to actively listen intently to their journey and uncover what's really causing their underlying frustration causing their worry and limited mobility, and independence.

    This job requires you to have some difficult conversations. Your ultimate success in this role will lie in your ability to use your technical knowledge you will be expected to be trained in our specific scripts and role play these scripts until they become fluent. As you communicate, you will need to adapt and navigate long conversations that can last 20 minutes or more at times with one person.

    Can you imagine yourself dealing with people in pain, or injury who are mentally stuck. Think of your grandmother who wants to sit in her chair and not move and get her to come to the office on a rainy cold or wintery day. Or a busy mom who is trying to stay fit and go to the gym, and has pain in her back and cant keep running from doctor to doctor. These leads will be unaware there is even a solution to their problem besides pills and shots or they will be problem aware. Many of these leads are on the fence, skeptical, fearful, uncertain and doubtful if they even want to try our services. They will require multiple attempts to be reached using voicemails, calls, texts and emails when necessary to get them to make a decision to come to our office, and sometimes lots and lots of no's can't maybes, let me think about it, let me sleep on it conversations.

    Can you handle that? Actually can you see yourself loving that every day reaching out to a minimum 30 people and getting calls in between while grabbing a copay and making an appointment for a customer? It requires tenacity and perseverance and follow through.

    Can you report to a manager your daily call volume quota of outbound calls and lead conversions made? If the answer is no stop reading please because this will require those skills and an accountability to specific critical drivers that will monitor your performance

    If the answer was yes keep reading... because, this job takes a special person with elephant skin and the patience of a saint to gently listen, convince and persuade people and influence people to take action when they make up excuse like time, money and distance amongst no motivation to come take care of their health. Most people just want a magic pill to fix their pain wouldn't you agree that is the case? We its true. People need motivation to get up and come to us three times a week and its your job to keep managing their expectations as you reach out to them weekly to check in.

    Here are examples of your daily tasks that we will train you on:

    • answer insurance questions, people who have no insurance who will claim that they can't afford to take care of their health.

    • you must be able to easily handle a high volume of outbound and inbound telephone calls and work under a front desk manager to keep an organized front desk reception area flowing (without long breaks)

    • you must feel super comfortable using technology for text messaging, call tracking systems, email , and billing software for collection of copays and credit card systems...

    Here is what we can't train:* you should have great attention to detail and AWESOME communication skills with high emotional intelligence. (love to learn and love to explain things)

    • empathy, you must have a deep appreciation for someones personal journey and be able to imagine yourself in their shoes and help see their point of view while reframing their perspective .

      • A PASSION for helping people overcome pain and injury and a PASSION for giving people in pain the gift of "mobility and independence" despite emotional protective mechanisms and barriers they will put up.

    Ok Now that you know the skills and the attitudes that make this job up lets review what time commitment this will entail

    We want YOU to be able to be here at the times we need you MUST be able to be flexible with your school and work schedule And it’s really a MUST to live nearby (so living in Brooklyn is crucial) because You will be Immersed in so much Knowledge you will need to be trained in our processes and systems and fit into our driven culture.You must be able to work 8:00 am-2pm Mon/ Tues/ Thur and or asked to float on Friday mornings and or Sundays 8am-2:00pm so you must have the ability to work some of those hours out into your work school schedule. Heres the recap and some stuff you may be concerned about like IS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY? ......YES in a call center, and a "can do attitude, problem solver attitude " is required to apply SO...Here's how you apply...because we only have 2 spots for this aide job opening and we are interviewing now to fill the spot please email your resume with the title CALLCENTER REP in the subject line and we will get back to you.Thanks!