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Content Marketing Specialist


Content Marketing Specialist

Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    We are looking for someone to take responsibility for our Content Marketing strategy and its implementation. You'll be responsible for writing about our products and the broader topics of privacy and security, ensuring that what we write is seen and posted widely, and ensuring that what we write is part of an active and dynamic conversation.

    About You

    You are an outstanding communicator. You write well, can tailor your writing for different audiences, and you know how to motivate your audience to take action. You are capable of thinking deeply about important topics, such as the future of privacy in an increasingly complex digital world, and producing thoughtful analysis and commentary on those topics. You are also capable of motivating individuals to take action through your writing, whether that be convincing someone to post a piece of writing you've produced, or encouraging our readers to sign up for a newsletter or promotion. You are not just a writer though. You are a marketer. You are well-versed in SEO and understand how to research, target, and use appropriate keywords. You are able to engage with journalists and other influential writers to encourage and help them write about the topics we care about. You are comfortable with and enthusiastic about engaging with people on social media to start and energize conversations. You will have some professional experience in online products or services. If you have worked in small, fast growing technology companies, great. If you have experience with or interest in privacy and security products, all the better.

    About our Content Marketing Specialist position

    Writing You will write as many high quality, thoughtful, engaging articles on the issues of privacy and security as you reasonably can. You will ensure your writing serves our SEO, brand, marketing, and sales needs, without sacrificing its readability and value to real human readers. Getting others to write Where appropriate you will work with experts in the field to write on our behalf. These might be researchers, bloggers, journalists, or anyone who has an audience we care about or who has something worth saying. You will reach out to people, encourage them to write, and support them with data and insight. You will explain to them why writing on, or linking to, our platforms can be valuable to them. Curating You will read a lot and ensure we are linking to, discussing, and engaging with great privacy and security writing. We want to be part of a broader conversation and engaged with as many people as possible. Placement You will make sure what we write is well presented on our blog, marketing website, and social media channels. You'll also make sure it is featured on other peoples' sites, blogs, and social media channels. You'll be able to build relationships with credible people who write about, or host writing about, privacy and security so they will post, link to, and discuss what we write. Discussing You will actively engage in the conversation about privacy and security where its happening. You'll be savvy enough to focus on the places that matter and make sure we are involved in important and impactful conversations.

    How to Apply

    In your application please make it clear that you have read this job description. Please make it clear where you have done, or are capable of doing, the specific things we are looking for you to do. Please explain why this job, not just any Content Marketing job, is something you are interested in.