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Global Education Internship

Alhambra US CHamber

Global Education Internship
Austin, TX Internship Paid


Job Description

The Alhambra US Chamber of Commerce has several internship positions open for individuals who wish to motivate and advise students internationally. According to a UN report, there are 65 million+ people who are forcibly displaced in the world, many of whom are children who have missed more than a year of school. One of these children that we have been working with is a student from Jordan who is 11. He was originally an honor roll student who recently has been underperforming in school. We’ve worked with him extensively and have since then brought his grades up.

There are many others like him, as such we are looking for someone who can connect with these students over the internet via web services such as Skype or Google Hangouts. We are not strictly focused on academic tutoring. We also take a human approach to encourage and motivate them to do better in school as well. If you are someone who wants to make a difference in someone’s life and take part in the global civil society, we encourage you to apply.