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Restaurant Host or Hostess AM

Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center

Restaurant Host or Hostess AM

Augusta, GA
Part Time
  • Responsibilities

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    ENGAGE our guests from around the world and deliver brilliant service as a Marriott Host.EXPLORE new places around the globe or at home with Marriott Travel Benefits.DISCOVER your true potential through an exciting Hospitality Career!


    Position Title:

    Host / Hostess


    Augustino's Restaurant

    Reports to:

    Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Supervisor


    Hourly Non-Exempt


    $8.25 - $8.50 hourly

    Summary of Position

    Greet and seat guests and while maintaining high Marriott standards.

    Duties & Responsibilities

    Greet and seat guests in the restaurant using all the techniques and steps outlined in the service standards of Marriott hotels.

    Ensure that each guest is greeted with warm, friendly enthusiasm and seated at his/her table in the fastest possible time.

    To set the tone of aggressive hospitality that will continue all through the restaurant, during the entire meal period.

    To supervise and control seating in the restaurant and ensure that guests are seated in stations so that no server is overloaded with guests at any given time, and in a manner that is fair to all servers.

    To seat guest in a manner that every guest will receive the fastest and the most courteous service at all times.

    Report to work in proper uniform and in accordance with the grooming standards required of all Marriott associates.

    Follow all departmental rules and regulations, such as calls for coming in, red sticker policy, requesting time off, etc.

    Comply with Marriott's "clean as you go" policy.

    Before leaving your work area, always check with your supervisor.

    Follow host/ess opening and closing checklist thoroughly.

    Assign stations to servers, assign sidework following sidework schedules.

    Maintain guest flow charts to track number of guests to each station and to track volume per hour.

    Ensure that the entrance to the restaurant has someone there to greet guests at all times.

    Ensure that the front of the restaurant is spotless at all times.

    Check on every table to ensure that it is clean, spotless and fully set up, and that all silverware and glassware is spotless before any guests are seated at the table. In addition, check to ensure that all chairs are free of crumbs and that the carpet is spotless.

    Check on guests to get feedback on the quality of their meals, service, etc., and share any problems that arise, immediately. Inform supervisor and manager, immediately, but try to take care of the problem at once.

    Schedule servers for breaks, etc. in conjunction with the supervisor and depending on the business volumes.

    Pitch in and help in service, whenever the need arises.

    Have an excellent knowledge about the city and methods of transportation, etc., in order to converse with customers, give helpful suggestions, etc.

    Have an excellent knowledge about the wines and different items on the menu in order to be able to help guests, answer questions and offer suggestions.

    Be thorough about the knowledge about the hotel, services offered, operating hours of all food and beverage outlets, etc.

    Effectively check out all servers as they finish their shifts to make sure that all of the following are completed:

    All tables completely set-up, check salt and pepper, sugar, etc.

    All side work assigned is completed.

    All carpeted areas in the station are clean and neatly swept.

    All check issues are recounted and closed at the register or returned.

    Check all associates for proper name tags, shoes, clean and proper uniforms, appearance.

    Communicate all necessary information to incoming host/ess and supervisor and write down all messages in the host/ess communication log.

    Conduct menu class and taste panels in conjunction with the supervisor/manager and the kitchen.

    Relieve cashiers for their breaks.

    Supervise service in the lounge as assigned by management.

    Essential Functions

    Verbally communicate effectively with guests and co-workers.

    Able to work quickly and efficiently, especially under pressure

    Prolonged periods of standing and/or walking

    Ability to visually check work, work area, and hotel space

    Minimum lifting of 30 pounds

    Other Requirements

    Knowledge of English and local language

    Ability to deal with the public in a professional and courteous manner

    Ability to communicate with all managers, supervisors and fellow associates

    Ability to handle conflict situations in a professional manner

    Be well groomed and conform to the hotel's dress code