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CDL Driver Home Nights & Weekends

United Surgical Partners International Inc (USPI)

CDL Driver Home Nights & Weekends

Parker, CO
  • Responsibilities

    Crown Point Surgery Center is looking for a Part-Time GI Tech.


    The GI Tech assists with delegated tasks of direct and indirect patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse and/or physicians. This technician has the responsibility to assist with the assessment of patient needs and follows through with the designated plan of action. Additionally, the GI Tech is responsible for the care, handling, and processing of GI procedural equipment and turnover of the procedure room(s). This individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development within their scope and appropriately interpret and communicate information relative to the patient’s age-specific needs. This individual effectively communicates data reflective of the patient’s status, delegated tasks and/or functions.


    • Knows, adheres to, and enforces all policies of the center.

    • Responsible for review of inventory count and evaluation of cost per case in conjunction with the administrator and other department managers.

    • Informs Administrator of applicable day to day situations.

    • Other duties as assigned by Administrator/ Medical Director.

    • Demonstrates patient and customer focus by treating patients and co-workers as a top priority and by meeting or exceeding their expectations.

    • Contributes ideas/ suggestions and participates in activities for improving processes and services to patients and customers.

    • Exhibits an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the team members and recognizes individuals for their contributions.

    • Contributes to the enhancement of group effectiveness by exchanging information, collaborating with other team members and providing constructive feedback.

    • Listens carefully to ensure understanding.

    • Accepts feedback and applies it to the improvement of individual performance.

    • Assists overload team members, helps develop team cohesion, and aligns individual efforts with the group.

    • Maintains a positive, helpful attitude when working with individuals.

    • Effectively manages anger, emotions and frustrations.

    • Adjusts to change in a positive and supportive manner.

    • Completes assignments on time, contributing extra effort needed when circumstances hinder.

    • Adheres to patient confidentiality including awareness of HIPPA regulations.

    • Understands the necessity for maintaining confidentiality of all sensitive oral, paper-based and electronic information and restricts the flow of such information to those who have a legitimate "need to know."

    • Conducts discussion of confidential information in appropriate settings to avoid unintentional disclosure.

    • Complies with all of the center’s policies, procedures and applicable laws in the conduct of routine activities and the solution of problems.

    • Performs activities in a manner that ensures a safe environment for patients and the physicians and staff of the Center.

    • Attends and participates in classes, seminars, workshops, and other continuing education as appropriate to maintain and enhance professional knowledge and/or job skills.

    • Freely shares knowledge and information to assist in educating and training allied health staff and physicians.

    • Recognizes age-specific growth and development of the patient population served and assesses treats and cares for those specific age groups within the scope of the position.

    • Communicates changes in patient’s condition and patient/family concerns to team members in a timely manner.

    • Performs skills as identified for the GI Technician.

    • Provides basic emergency care.

    • Provides patient comfort measures.

    • Provides safe patient transfer.

    • Participates in answering light calls.

    • Consults with the team members and/or Nurse Manager when the GI Tech recognizes that the delegated care extends outside of the tech’s role or abilities.

    • Listens and responds appropriately to team members.

    • Organizes environment by selecting and preparing the proper equipment, instrumentation and supplies needed for a procedure in a cost-effective manner.

    • Assists in appropriate care, handling and cleaning of equipment and instruments.

    • Assists in preparing supplies and equipment for his/her specialty.

    • Cleans spills/breakages.

    • Cleans body fluids/bio-hazardous waste appropriately following the center’s guidelines.

    • Tracks location of equipment and maintains inventory of equipment.

    • Monitors and maintains clean linen supply and restocks supplies in rooms.

    • Complies with cleaning procedures.

    • Demonstrates knowledge of building emergency plans (e.g. medical emergency, fire disaster).

    • Identifies and reports issues to the Nurse Manager and healthcare team related to cost-effectiveness and quality of care.

    • Participates in staff meetings and provides input to current issues.

    • Willingly shares knowledge and expertise with other healthcare team members, assists in teaching new employees, students, and cross-training.

    • Demonstrates thorough cleaning of all instruments containing lumens.

    • Demonstrates appropriate use of high level disinfection process and its monitors.

    • Demonstrates knowledge of proper operation and maintenance of endoscopes and the endoscope cleaning equipment according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

    • Recognizes the value of the equipment within the Center and treats all equipment and the facility itself with care.

    • Demonstrates knowledge of good body mechanics and aseptic technique.

    • Knowledge and application of initial job skills assessment and ongoing annual skills update.

    • Has equipment and instruments prepared and ready for the case to begin when the patient is brought to the room.


    • High school graduate or equivalent
    • Previous clinical experience in Procedure Room environment desired.
    • Current certification in CPR.

    Required Skills Required Experience

  • Qualifications

    Minimum education required: High school or GED.

    Special skills required: Attention to detail when delivering oversized loads and the ability to do arithmetic, read orders, write instructions and complete forms.

    Must be able to;

    • Lift 65 pounds from ground level to standing position, 20 pounds above my head.
    • Pull 20 pounds from a standing position, from various levels, including above my head.
    • Pull 20 pounds from a kneeling position, from various level, including above my head.
    • Stand and/or walk for an 8-10 hour shift.
    • Frequently bend and stoop during an 8-10 hour shift.

    Communicate with customers, other associates and supervisors using verbal and written skills. Knowledge and ability to use safe lifting techniques.

    Other: Clean driving record and current operator’s license.

    Other: Temperatures will vary. Dusty and noisy environment when operating machines and tools. Ear protection required when exposed to noise for an extended period of time. Eye protection and steel toed (safety toed) hard sole leather boots required at all times. Overtime work could be involved.