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    Job Description





    Beacon Payments (Beacon) is seeking professional account executives that are serious about their career and financial growth. We are actively seeking enthusiastic, full-time, career-minded candidates to fill our account executive positions in new markets nationwide.

    Agents are closing 2+ deals a week with an average commission of $1,000.00 per newly activated account while simultaneously building a lucrative ongoing monthly residual income.


    • Initiating the Beacon sales process by prospecting, scheduling appointments, making presentations, understanding business needs and closing sales.
    • Responsible for generating new business relationships while nurturing existing relationship as a local service advocate.
    • When you join Beacon, you’ll find unlimited opportunities to evolve, excel and amplify your success with a company that’s continually redefining the merchant services industry.
    • Meet or exceed monthly sales targets.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with business owners and identify their processing needs.
    • Working closely with Beacon colleagues in customer service, underwriting, technical support, web development and other departments to meet your sales goals.
    • Close sales, aggressively work referrals, assist merchants with installation, and programming of processing equipment, and develop a future sales plan for additional services that will further benefit your customer base.


    1. You are presently with a merchant sales organization, but there is no focus on your personal growth and development. Not only is there no specialized training, but you are left to struggle as you calculate your own proposals. When you call for help, you are treated like a pest – not a valuable asset of the company.

    2. Either now or in the past, you have been highly successful in the industry selling 7 – 25 accounts monthly. But that only translated to a small amount of up-front commission, with little or no residual income, and you had to fund a referral program out of your own pocket.

    3. You worked in the merchant services industry before, but quit in frustration – sensing you could succeed with quality training that your company did not offer.

    4. You were successful in the industry before, but had to leave because you were pressured to engage in unethical practices, or because you realized your customers were not receiving the support your corporate office promised.


    At Beacon, you will be an important member of an aggressively growing fast-paced entrepreneurial environment where you will be valued, appreciated, and highly compensated for your efforts. When you join Beacon, you will represent an honest and ethical company that respects and values its agents and merchants alike:

    1. We are a Full-Disclosure company. We do not hide costs and fees from merchants when trying to earn their business.

    2. We do not sell merchants equipment and/or services they do not need. Merchants have 60-days to opt out of their agreement with us for any reason, and we will even pay to reinstate them with their previous processor, up to $150.

    3. We offer our merchants a $500 merchant assurance policy that we will meet or beat any offer for equal services.

    4. We offer an innovative cash-discount program for merchants that eliminates up-to 100% of their processing fees by leveraging proprietary software that redirects the cost of card acceptance.

    5. We will pay a referral fee up-to $250 directly to the merchant for every referral they give that activates and processes with us that costs our sales agents nothing!

    Beacon offers an attractive compensation package, including:

    • Long-term stability with ongoing monthly increases in residual compensation.
    • 1st year expectations for Entry-Level B2B sales representatives is between $84-98K+ per year. 1st year expectations for Seasoned B2B sales representatives is between $99k-125K+ per year.
    • Excellent commissions, bonuses, and residuals.
    • Residual income on discount rates, transaction fees, and other ancillary revenue streams.
    • Commissions paid weekly upon merchant account activation.
    • Up-front commission on all sales (avg. up-front commission $1,000.00 per deal).
    • Custom designed sales presentation and business cards provided at no charge.
    • Extensive training and ongoing long-term support for all agents.
    • Dedicated relationship manager and professional mentor program to help you achieve sales objective.


    Beacon is dedicated to serve as your Advocate in the complicated merchant services arena. Unlike other companies you will find our upfront full disclosure approach refreshing when choosing us as your provider.

    Beacon upholds the highest integrity in our sales process. Our representatives differentiate themselves in the industry by offering personal service to each of our accounts. We consult our merchants on the best business practices for accepting all forms of payment.

    At Beacon we will put together all of your proposals for rate comparisons, we offer free terminal exchanges, free loaner terminals, free access to hosted-payment page, free access to our proprietary gateway for merchant processing, extensive cash-discount programs to suit almost any environment, reprograming of POS systems, 100% over cost for all equipment sales, residual splits starting from day-one, transparent pricing for all merchants, up-to $500 to offset early terminal fees, and one-on-one concierge management program to help you keep your focus on selling and not chasing answers.


    · Reliable transportation and the ability to visit business owners face-to-face.

    · Familiar with iOS software and how to use and Apple® iPad for presentations.

    · Self-motivation with the ability to achieve daily, weekly / monthly goals and quotas.

    · Strong situational leadership skills, closing and follow-up abilities.

    · Agreement to submit to, and pass, potential criminal background investigation and drug screening.

    · Willingness to devote at least 40 hours a week towards building client base.

    · Positive and enthusiastic can-do attitude towards sales and customer service.

    · Experience in sales, business development, managing customer relations.

    · High school degree required; college degree or some college a plus.



    All resumes held in confidence. BEACON encourages diversity and does not discriminate against any of its customers, employees, contractors, or applicants for employment or services based upon race, color, national origin, genetic information, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, U.S. veteran status, or any other protected classifications, activities, or conditions as required by federal, state and local laws.

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    Company Description

    At Beacon Payments, you will be valued, appreciated, and highly compensated for your efforts. When you join Beacon, you will represent an honest and ethical company that respects and values its agents and merchants alike:

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