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Plumbing Apprentice

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Upper Lake, CA

Plumbing Apprentice

Ukiah, CA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    The job title says Service Plumbers/Apprentices but that isn’t what the job is really about. Still interested? Read further. If this describes you, then we can talk.

    You don’t necessarily have experience in the trade, but might have a young family that is your world and are committed to supporting them. You value friendship and no BS relationships with people above all else, and know unequivocally that making money is there to support that truth. You know that life isn’t going to hand you anything; that you’ll have to create your own opportunities, maybe work longer, harder and smarter to get ahead, but in order to do that you must learn, and train hard, continually improving your own lot through helping others with theirs. You understand that shit happens, you might fail and it is up to you to work through it and can appreciate when someone helps instead of demanding that someone do the work for you. You know that life will throw down situations where you have the choice to go above and beyond to help another human being. You aspire to do so.

    You get the value of laughter. You can take a joke, can give a joke and understand that people are not always going to be easy.

    You strive to support the people you work with and don’t expect that helping them means they have to help you. You take to heart the cliché that the whole, truly is greater than the sum of the parts.

    You have the courage to doubt the boss, not for personal reasons, but through the insight that the boss has his own struggles and needs help just like anyone else. You can give and take criticism.

    Notice we haven’t made any promises about how much money you will make, and how great your life will be if you come to work with us? The only promise we will make is that we’ll bust our asses to help YOU make your life what you want or need it be, whether work related or not. We have the background and resources to do so. This is not a sweetness and light kind of career (no job is, really). If you ever gladly accepted a participation trophy, this is not the place for you. Just know that our apprentices make almost as much as money as journeymen in the area. It goes up from there.

    We demand more of our employees than most other companies do, and we expect our employees to demand more of us. If you are the person who wants to put us to the test and see if we can back that up, then you are the one we want to talk to. If you read this far, it may just be the start of the life you want.

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