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    Company Overview

    At CK Family Services, we are focused on one mission. We are people united through God to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of at-risk children and families. Every day, in all that we do, we seek to honor God by devoting ourselves to better the lives of each child entrusted into our care.CK Family Services is always looking for qualified and highly motivated individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of children. If you think you are ready to be a part of our team, then we encourage you to continue with this applicant friendly, online job application!CK Family Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer that recruits and hires qualified candidates without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, or veteran status.

    Job Summary

    YES Waiver Paraprofessionals provide services to YES Waiver Participants (children, age 3 – 18, receiving services) based upon the child’s needs that arise as a result of the child’s severe emotional disturbance. The services provided by the paraprofessional to the child are designed to increase the child’s ability to function within the community. The child’s increased ability to successfully function within the community decreases the likelihood of institutionalization of the YES Waiver Participant. Paraprofessional services are essential in regard to promoting community inclusion in typical child/youth activities. For the YES Waiver Participant, Paraprofessional services exceed what would normally be available in the community to the children/youth being served. Paraprofessional services include: Skilled mentoring and coaching; Paraprofessional aide; and Job placement.

    Skilled mentoring and coaching address the child/youth’s symptom-related problems that may interfere with the individual’s functioning and living, working, and learning environment. Skilled mentoring and coaching also provides opportunities for the participant to learn, acquire, and improve skills needed to function as appropriately and as independently as possible. Skilled mentoring and coaching targets facilitating the participant’s community tenure. Examples of Skilled mentoring and coaching include: Training in symptom management, personal hygiene, nutrition, food preparation, exercise, money management and participation in the community.

    Paraprofessional services consist of training the YES Waiver Participant in: 1)The importance of taking medications as prescribed; 2)Self-administration of medication; 3)Determining the effectiveness of medication(s); 4) Identifying side-effects of medication(s); and 5)Contraindications for medications that are prescribed.

    Job Placement refers to services related to assisting and/or supporting the participating youth in acquiring and maintaining competitive employment. Services may include, but not be limited to the following: assistance with TXDPS ID/DL acquisition, Social Security Card acquisition, assessing work/task skills and interests, evaluating transferable skills, evaluating experience, evaluating strengths, identifying transportation needs (may include accessing public transportation training), days and shifts availability, determination of F/T or part-time employment, income requirements, job market, networking, how to request an application, application training, completing applications online, how to set up an email account, how to set up a password, when/if to disclose disabling conditions, how to report earnings if SSI/SSDI recipient, instruction in job specific dress, grooming, socially and culturally appropriate workplace behaviors, workplace etiquette, specific work related skills, increased focus, task completion, prioritization of responsibilities, communication with co-workers and supervisory staff, time management, acquisition of Health Card/Food Handler’s Permit, Job Coaching/On-the job Work Skills Training, worksite job monitoring, mentoring.


    Provide services as scheduled.

    Attend and participate in meetings, training, and development, as required

    Respond immediately to calls/texts received on cell phone

    Complete and submit service documentation timely and accurately

    Inputs data into CKBH data collection system accurately and timely

    Open, respond to and process CKBH YES Waiver related email in a timely manner

    Maintain confidentiality as required by government law and regulations, as well as maintain compliance with all CK policies and procedures

    Must have proficient knowledge and skills of standard business computer software, such as word processing, email, databases and spreadsheets


    Be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate issued in accordance with the law of the issuing state

    Have at least one year of documented fulltime experience working with members of the Serious Emotional Disturbances population. Other experience may be considered if the documented experience includes activities that are comparable to services that are specified under the services description

    Able to professionally communicate effectively in both oral and written formats.

    Professional demeanor and appearance required; willing and able to comply with CK Appropriate Appearance in the Workplace policy in regard to the service(s) being provided as well as the environment in which they are occurring

    Able to manage self, must be a self-starter demonstrating high level of energy as well as being detail-oriented and demonstrating excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills.

    Must be a good adult role model for Participants and their families, demonstrating excellent character, personal attributes and mannerisms.

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