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Customer Support / Call Center Zombie

Arlington, MA
Full Time
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    Do you spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the least painful self-inflicted injuries that can get you out of work? Did you wake up this morning in a great mood only to go to work aaaaaannnnnd it's gone? Are you looking for a company where no one will ask you “what kind of animal would you be?” Are you looking for a place that rewards drive, performance and team play? Are you looking for a team that is working to do something truly great and to have fun in the process? Did you work at a gym but now you want health insurance with your job? At a retail clothing store but want to do something with more meaning? In hospitality setting at a hotel, bar or restaurant and want the pace with better pay? Well then, the role of Patient Experience Coordinator on our team at Column Health might be for you. And we're not talking about a sloth-like, soul-sucking, sycophantic “career” building role with a meaningless title like you see sugar coated from the big firms. We're gonna tell it like it is. We are seeking conscientious, thoughtful, flexible and organized people to help us answer calls, emails and inquiries from patients and prospective patients, and coordinate their needs while they're on the road to recovery. We could make up some long job description and responsibilities but we respect you too much to do that shit. What you actually do:

    • Show up… that's actually pretty key as it turns out.
    • Provide support, guidance and complex answers to patients navigating their treatment while they're struggling at possibly some of the most difficult times in their lives…it's important, all kidding aside.
    • Answer questions caringly and insightfully that are lobbed in from frightened and confused loved ones of patients struggling to understand what their best options are…. Seriously.
    • Be a passionate, driven, incredibly smart and slightly stubborn person who's not afraid to take on new challenges where others have failed.
    • Grow into your next role, define and create your own value on our team. It's not up to us.
    • Be Cool Hand Luke managing all the different types of correspondences (emails, calls, social media etc) flying fast and furious at you from patients, families, providers, community and business partners etc.
    • Make the difference in saving a patient's life, connecting Column Health to another community partner, recruitment of a rock star, resolving a billing issue for a patient or simply providing stellar customer service in an industry plagued by disgruntled and tainted views developed over decades of stigmatization….

    What's in it for you:

    • We pay you! ... admittedly not a lot, but back off man, you just started here.
    • You get to be a part of a team that is more committed, more engaged, more passionate, more ethical, more inspiring than any you've ever seen and any you've been a part of.
    • You get to be part of the “not F'ing around crew” that is fixing healthcare and changing how we think of addiction.

    This job might be for you if:

    • You love solving difficult problems
    • You don't get flustered easily
    • You like helping people and want to make a difference
    • You are motivated and wish your job had more purpose
    • You are patient, level headed, and cool under pressure
    • You pay attention to the details… all of them
    • You have a voracious appetite for learning new things and learn quickly
    • You recognize that places that say they're innovative or entrepreneurial aren't necessarily
    • When things change or you don't have all the info, you roll with it
    • You communicate clearly and eloquently, both verbally and in writing
    • You've done the gesture to “drop the mic” at some point in a conversation
    • You can explain just about anything to anyone
    • Phones don't scare you
    • You hit new problems before being asked to
    • You take ownership without stealing credit
    • You want a job where you're helped to excel into the next job up
    • You want a job that's not a job as much as it is a mission

    Must be awesome at the following:

    • Customer Service,
    • Data Entry Skills,
    • Listening,
    • Being kind, comforting, unfrazzled on the phone,
    • Verbal Communication,
    • Building Relationships,
    • People Skills,
    • Interpersonal Savvy,
    • Problem Solving,
    • Multi-tasking,
    • And bringing the funny.

    About us

    • Look us up on the worldwide series of intertubes and or google machine…. Or just ask us.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • IBID
    • Break U.S. healthcare with us … then help us fix it.

    Please specify in a cover letter how you can help us save the world!