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Youth Improvement Advisor

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    Community Solutions is seeking an experienced, self-motivated and organized individual to join the energetic, collaborative Built for Zero Team as an Improvement Advisor (IA). This position will be responsible for supporting Built for Zero communities in ending youth homelessness and will assist with the design and delivery of strategies focused on improving local progress toward this end.

    The Built for Zero team draws on a set of core competencies to support communities in their journey towards ending youth homelessness. The ideal candidate will be very comfortable with two of these competencies in particular: facilitation of teams to achieve goals and Quality Improvement (QI) as a problem-solving and measurement methodology. Special consideration will be given to candidates that have taught the principles of QI and facilitated teams through improvement projects. The ideal candidate will also be familiar with the work of Built for Zero, and have content knowledge related to housing and homelessness from the youth sector. Knowledge of Continuum of Care governance and funding structures is also encouraged.


    Community Solutions is the team behind the 100,000 Homes Campaign and the ongoing Built for Zero initiative. The White House, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum have each recognized our fun, user-driven approach to helping communities end homelessness. This position is tied to the Built for Zero initiative, an international network of communities and partners working through a variety of projects to achieve functional zero and effectively end homelessness. Built for Zero communities have already achieved 10 functional zero proof points for their local veteran and/or chronic populations, providing the evidence that doing so is possible and a tipping point such that communities worldwide are now working towards this end.

    Community Solutions seeks leaders at every level: extraordinary, mission oriented people not satisfied with the status quo. We are a team of values driven problem solvers motivated by results. We eagerly seek and support diverse applicants. We provide generous benefits and opportunities for inspiring and transformational professional growth. We pride ourselves in developing an inclusive workplace culture that encourages staff to bring their whole selves to work every day.


    From 2019-2021, the IA will establish a network of Built for Zero and other communities working on ending youth homelessness and establish the tools, training systems and change packages needed to enable any community to end youth homelessness. This position will be successful if it lays the groundwork for Built for Zero communities to adopt a focus on ending youth homelessness as a next step following ending chronic and veteran homelessness.


    1. Participate in strategic planning and implementation for the Built for Zero initiative, with a commitment to iteration and improvement
    2. Knowledge capture on scalable learning and solutions across national efforts and strategic pilots, including A Way Home America (AWHA), A Way Home Washington (AWHWA), Built for Zero and School of Visual Arts (SVA) pilot
    3. Use data and quality improvement to develop, test, implement and spread changes that will support communities in reducing the number of youth experiencing homelessness month to month, improving the trajectory toward reaching functional zero
    4. Support time-bound mixed methods research projects on various topics related to improving communities' abilities to reach functional zero and translate those findings into opportunities for testing innovations to catalyze the work of ending youth homelessness.
    5. Continuously update and further build out Youth Change Package, an inventory of case studies on successful local interventions leading to reductions in youth homelessness
    6. Coordinate and support external partnerships on youth homelessness, including current partnerships with SVA, AWHA & AWHWA
    7. Provide facilitation and subject matter expert support
    8. Tailor data capture tools and develop data sharing protocols within and across communities
    9. Convene cross initiative stakeholders as needed
    10. Conduct outreach to community leaders and federal partners to understand unique opportunities and challenges related to Continuum of Care structures to identify innovations that can be tested within these structures in service of ending youth homelessness in communities
    11. As a representative of Community Solutions, present on Built for Zero learning, methods and/or outcomes at conferences, workshops, webinars, convenings, etc.


    • Minimum of three years of experience in efforts related to youth homelessness
    • Excellent project management skills, including detail-oriented management toward urgent timelines, excellent judgment in developing and implementing priorities
    • Ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, in writing and orally
    • Demonstrated ability to work and thrive in collaborative, multi-stakeholder environment
    • Experience in Continuous Improvement and coaching others around improvement work is preferred
    • Skilled facilitator
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast paced, dynamic team environment and demonstrate a willingness to shift easily between various responsibilities with diverse stakeholders
    • Receives and relays criticism constructively; comfortable managing conflict and disagreement to a productive conclusion
    • Ability to cope with and embrace change, risk and uncertainty
    • Diligent work ethic and personal drive while working independently
    • Commitment and passion around working with outcome-driven staff and partners to end homelessness and the conditions that create it
    • Passion for justice, equity, ending homelessness and the belief it is possible


    • Microsoft Office
    • Google Business Apps
    • Asana
    • Zoom
    • Social media software and applications


    The salary for this position is $80,000.


    Frequent travel should be anticipated in the first year of this position. Longer-term, at least 5 to 7 days of travel will be required every 3 months to attend semi-annual team planning meetings, community site visits, and other on-site trainings or convenings. Most travel is to major cities around the US, including currentBuilt for Zero communities.


    Preference for candidates in New York City, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta or Phoenix. The Built for Zero team has office space in New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles, but the position provides for the flexibility to work from a Built for Zero community without the standard support available at an office if such an arrangement meets the needs of Community Solutions.