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Improvement Advisor, International and Large-Scale Change

Community Solutions

Improvement Advisor, International and Large-Scale Change

Full Time
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    Community Solutions' Built for Zero (BfZ) team works with over 80 communities across the US and around the world to build a movement to end homelessness. We seek an experienced, self-motivated candidate to join, the Built for Zero team. The Improvement Advisor will support our Large-Scale Change and Strategic Communities Portfolios.

    • The Large-Scale Change Portfolio provides initiative design and strategy support to external organizations working to drive reductions in homelessness across multiple communities, similar to our Built for Zero team in the US. Current clients include national efforts in non-US countries as well as US efforts on specific populations, like youth and families. This position will work specifically with our international and state-level partners as part of this portfolio.
    • The Strategic Communities Portfolio works with select, high-leverage communities where an end to homelessness would drive particularly significant narrative change and inspire results at scale. This position will work specifically with our international communities as part of this portfolio. (We currently support local efforts in Australia, Chile and the UK.)

    This position is expected to work flexibly on other Built for Zero portfolio projects and activities as needed, and international travel will be required.

    The Built for Zero team draws on a set of core competencies to support communities in their journey towards ending homelessness. The ideal candidate will be very comfortable with two of these competencies in particular: facilitation of teams to achieve goals and Quality Improvement (QI) as a problem-solving and measurement methodology. Special consideration will be given to candidates that have experience in international community development and/or state-level homelessness and housing policy. In addition, the ideal candidate understands homelessness as a complex social problem that requires a cross-sector, systemic response at the community level and has experience using data to measure impact and to inform action.


    Community Solutions is the team behind the 100,000 Homes Campaign and the ongoing Built for Zero initiative. The White House, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum have each recognized our fun, user-driven approach to helping communities end homelessness. This position is tied to the Built for Zero initiative, an international network of communities and partners working through a variety of projects to achieve functional zero and effectively end homelessness. Built for Zero communities have already achieved 10 functional zero proof points for their local veteran and/or chronic populations, providing the evidence that doing so is possible and a tipping point such that communities worldwide are now working towards this end.

    Community Solutions seeks leaders at every level: extraordinary, mission oriented people not satisfied with the status quo. We are a team of values driven problem solvers motivated by results. We eagerly seek and support diverse applicants. We provide generous benefits and opportunities for inspiring and transformational professional growth. We pride ourselves in developing an inclusive workplace culture that encourages staff to bring their whole selves to work every day.


    The candidate of our dreams is organized, but not rigid–– a “get stuff done” kind of person who can work out a plan of action quickly in the face of ambiguity and changing information (this environment offers a lot of both). We're looking for the sort of person who finds problem solving and complex implementation fun and who prides themselves on seeing multiple paths to the same outcome. You should come to work everyday with a desire to collaborate with your teammates as we serve local change agents in communities around the world.

    You should be dedicated and clear-eyed about what it takes to make a difference for some of the most vulnerable people in our societies. You have experience in working on the ground in communities, facilitating collective problem-solving, and analyzing and synthesizing data. You also demonstrate a high level of empathy and flexibility, which will be critical to ensuring successful collaboration with partnering organizations.

    International experience is a strong plus, including skill in navigating cross-cultural relationships, quickly understanding public systems, and the ability to operate in languages other than English. US-based candidates with global backgrounds or born outside the US are strongly encouraged to apply.

    This work is hard, and our team is relentlessly committed to rigor, measurement and provable impact. You'll work hard like the rest of us, and every day, you'll have the satisfaction of contributing to a meaningful outcome that is owned by our whole team. Your title will be Improvement Advisor, but when people ask you what you do, we hope you'll learn to say, “I'm helping communities end homelessness.”

    How do we define success?

    Success in the first two years of this works means that 1 Large Scale Change partner will be driving impact at scale and 2 international cities will have reached zero for a target population, thereby demonstrating that ending homelessness outside the US is possible. The successful candidate will also be able to articulate qualitatively and quantitatively key learnings and best practices surfaced from high performing international communities and large-scale change initiatives as a strategy for improvement and scale.


    Strategic Communities:

    • Use Quality Improvement methods and tools to coach and consult with targeted international communities to achieve improvements specific to building reliable data sets and reducing the number of individuals experiencing homelessness month to month, improving the trajectory toward reaching functional zero.
    • Assess improvement education and training needs of communities, community leaders, and partners; develop appropriate strategies, implement support or training plans, and monitor outcomes and improvements.
    • Train and support international BFZ communities to use data to drive performance specific to their local efforts to end homelessness.
    • Conduct outreach to community leaders and other partners to understand unique opportunities and challenges specific to international contexts where we work to identify customizations that can be tested in service of ending homelessness.
    • Use data to develop, test, measure and spread changes that will support communities in reducing the number of individuals experiencing homelessness, improving the trajectory toward reaching functional zero.

    Large-Scale Change:

    • Working with LSC partner teams, assist with the design of initiative strategy, including facilitating groups toward clear goals, and helping them build strong feedback loops for iterating against those goals
    • Drive the translation of key lessons learned in the US-based Built for Zero Collaborative to other partners and other contexts
    • Assess education and training needs of partners; develop appropriate training strategies, implement support or training plans, and monitor outcomes and improvements.
    • Support LSC partners in identifying the policy and funding shifts needed to achieve their aims
    • Train Large-Scale Change partners to use data to drive performance specific to their local efforts to reduce and end homelessness, and provide support specific to how data methods and measurement tools should be embedded in their methods.
    • Support LSC partners in understanding the necessary staff skills to lead an initiative, and leverage training opportunities when necessary.


    • Participate in strategic planning and implementation on the Built for Zero team, with a commitment to iteration and improvement
    • Analyze and report out on progress on projects assigned, using data and measurement tools designed by and with the BFZ data team, to provide thoughtful recommendations for strategy iteration and/or adaptation to other contexts.
    • Serve as a confident facilitator at domestic and international community based technical assistance events; clearly articulating necessary content through prepared material and verbal presentation
    • Produce, support, and participate in Built for Zero webinars as needed.


    • Three to five years previous work experience in a professional environment
    • Passion for justice, equity, ending homelessness and the belief it is possible
    • Command of Continuous Quality Improvement, Lean/SIx Sigma or another Improvement Science-based methodology, and insight into how that methodology can be used to drive improvements toward ending homelessness
    • Experience with facilitation, public speaking, and coaching for improvement
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast paced, dynamic team environment and demonstrate a willingness to shift easily between various responsibilities with diverse stakeholders
    • Fluency in additional languages other than English a plus, though not required
    • Work experience in at least one non-US context strongly preferred


    Microsoft Office

    Google Business Apps



    Social media software and applications


    This position can be located anywhere in the continental United States with a preference for candidates in Los Angeles and Denver. The Built for Zero team has office space in Los Angeles, but the position provides for the flexibility to work from a remote location without the standard support available at an office if such an arrangement meets the needs of Community Solutions.


    Salary range is $75,000 to $85,000, depending on experience.


    Around 4 to 6 days of travel will be required every month to attend semi-annual team retreats, community site visits, and other on-site trainings or convenings. A few times each year, extended travel (1-2 weeks) will be necessary to locations outside the US. It is estimated that travel will be equally divided between the domestic communities and international communities we work with in Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America.