VDC Modeler

The Toro Company

VDC Modeler

  • Responsibilities

    JOB SUMMARY: Is responsible for operating all Fabrication Department equipment necessary in an efficient manner to produce fabricated parts to meet specified quality standards.

    ELEMENTS: 1. Performs all hand processing operations and the operation of all machinery in the Fabrication area at an acceptable level of efficiency and quality. 2. Responsible for start up, operation and adjustments to machines, tooling and fixtures when necessary. 3. Responsible for making minor adjustments to machines, tooling and fixtures when necessary. 4. Responsible for following procedures and meeting quality standards, discarding noticeable rejects and by correcting or reporting problems. 5. Maintains preventive maintenance logs on all equipment pertaining to their operations. 6. May assist in the set-up and repair of Fabrication tools or equipment as needed. 7. Responsible for cleaning of machines and work area. 8. Must know and observe all safety precautions; report/correct any unsafe conditions. 9. Responsible for accurate time clock punch-in when working in different cost centers throughout the day. 10. Responsible for accurate part count documentation and input of counts and other information into data collector stations. 11. Performs other activities that may be assigned when there is a lack of work in this classification or when production requirements dictate.

    REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to perform the physical essential functions of the job. Demonstrated mechanical aptitude and background in hydraulics and/or mechanical equipment would be beneficial.

    Required Skills Required Experience

  • Qualifications
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including public presentation development and delivery is required.
    • Strong analytic and computer skills, including GIS and statistics.