Technical Artist


Technical Artist

Austin, TX
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    GamesProScouts is looking for a skilled game Technical Artist. The Technical Artist will work cooperatively with artists, designers, and programmers to create rigs and tools that provide the artists with all they need to integrate art assets into the game engine in a highly productive manner.

    ESSENTIAL DUTIES include but are not limited to the following:

    • Character rigging and art team support
    • Tool creation and script writing
    • Definition and maintenance of pipelines and technical standards
    • Liaison between the disciplines of art and programming
    • R&D of tools and processes used in production
    • Training of artists on tools and processes


    • Unreal4 experience
    • Ability to design tools and processes that have both the artist's workflow and the game's technical requirements in mind
    • Working knowledge of Maya and Zbrush
    • Proficiency in MEL, Python scripting and HLSL shader programming
    • Advanced working knowledge of rigging and character animation tools in Maya including skeletons, skinning/deformers, constraints and FK/IK
    • Experience with databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
    • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively to deliver work on schedule
    • Ability to take direction and collaborate with artists and programmers
    • Creative and efficient problem solver
    • Awareness of trends in 3d and gaming technology


    • Knowledge of C++, C#, the Maya API
    • Experience with PS4/DX11
    • Working knowledge of Perforce API's
    • Motivated to develop and maintain a strong knowledge in his or her expertise
    • Knowledge of web based applications, build systems and distributed processes
    • Animation and/or modeling experience
    • Basic understanding of anatomy


    • 2+ years experience as a TD or Technical Artist in the game or film industry
    • Must have shipped at least two game titles or have equivalent film experience

    Be certain to include the web link to your art portfolio.