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  • Responsibilities

    General Purpose: Responsible for efficient classroom operation which provides a pleasant, healthy, safe, positive learning environment for pre-school children. Teacher coordinates all aspects of classroom operation and participation in health, nutrition, social services, mental health/disabilities, and parent involvement areas.

    Qualifications and Requirements: A.A. degree or B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development or related field, and at least one-year classroom experience. Early Head Start requires Child Development Accreditation. Please attach copy of transcript

    Salary Range: $ 21,400 to $30,500 per year

    Prior to starting employment, a criminal background check must be completed as well as a pre-employment medical evaluation as set forth in the State of Texas Child Care Center licensing regulations.

    Travel: Attends training sessions as appropriate including out of town, evening, and weekend training.

    Essential Duties:

    Conducts two home visits and three parent conferences with each family during the school year.

    Child Development and Health

    Provides a Safe Environment to Prevent and Reduce Injuries

    Promotes Good Health and Nutrition and Helps to Provide an Environment that Contributes to

    the Prevention of Illness

    Uses Space, Materials, and Routine as Resources for Constructing an Interesting and Enjoyable

    Environment that Encourages Exploration and Learning

    Provides a Variety of Appropriate Equipment, Activities, and Opportunities to Promote the Physical Development of the Children

    Provides Activities and Experiences that Develop Questioning, Probing, and Problem Solving Appropriate to Developmental Levels and Learning Styles of the Children

    Provides Opportunities for Children to Understand, Acquire and Use Verbal and Non-Verbal Means of Communicating Thoughts and Feelings

    Provides Experiences that Stimulate Children to Explore

    Helps Each Child to Know, Accept, and Take Pride in Himself and to Develop a Sense of Independence

    Helps Children Learn to Get Along with Others and Encourages Feeling of Empathy and Mutual Respect Among Children and Adults

    Provides and Environment in Which Children Can Learn and Practice Behaviors Which are Appropriate and Acceptable Individually and in a Group

    Maintains an Open, Friendly and Informative Relationship with Children’s Families and Encourages Their Participation in the Program

    Uses All Available Resources to Ensure an Effective Operation, is a Competent Organizer, Planner, and Record keeper

    Seeks Out and Takes Advantage of Opportunities to Improve His/Her Competence, Both for Professional Growth and for the Benefit of Children and Families

    Follow practices of family style dining for meals/ snacks to provide a range of opportunities that support the development and socialization of children.

    Work Environment:

    Performs work inside and outside a variety of settings to include: school building, office, parent home, and community environments with other HS/EHS employees, parents, and children.

    Requires verbal and face-to-face contact with the community, parents, children, and other staff members.

    Performs most work during weekday hours.

    Physical Requirements:

    May be required to assist in the evacuation of children from a building. Ability to lift up to 25 lbs. is required.

    Ability to lead gross motor skill activities.

    Ability to travel between five (5) or more buildings

    Mental / Reasoning Requirements:

    Advanced reading and writing skills

    Ability to convey information to a wide variety of people at various ages

    Ability to complete written documentation accurately

    Ability to observe multiple activities/ children simultaneously

    Ability to make decisions regarding classroom operations


  • Locations
    Crockett, TX • Nacogdoches, TX • Huntsville, TX