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Finance Supervisor

Savannah, GA
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    At Help at Home, formerly Coastal Home Care, we commonly refer to the role of Scheduling Coordinator as being both THE TOUGHEST AND MOST IMPORTANT JOB in the Company. Unless you can handle and thrive in a high pressure environment on most days you should not consider applying. The Coordinator’s primary role is to place the right caregiver for a client in a schedule that can change several times in a week. Other management staff recruit and hire the caregivers, but the coordinator’s job is to select from the pool of available workers to get cases covered, and to get them covered well. More than 80 percent of your time will be on the telephone and the remaining 20 percent will be updating the schedules in our software program. You have to be fast, accurate and really good with people – both the employees and the clients. A real bonus is if you happen to like working with older people and people with disabilities. Help at Home, formerly Coastal Home Care is well respected for the service it provides to others, so we expect a lot from our employees. In return you will find a company that respects and treats well its employees.


    The Scheduling Coordinator is responsible to staff home care cases timely, thoroughly, and with great consideration to schedule the appropriate caregiver to the client. Time is of the essence to ensure positive outcomes, and the Scheduling Coordinator will experience episodes of stressful activity during growth modes and when caregivers cancel previously scheduled shifts. Duties include a significant amount of telephone communication with caregivers and clients, creating and modifying electronic schedules, and ensuring that caregivers submit the proper documentation of the services that have been provided. Customer service is a top priority.


    • 2 years of scheduling experience, preferably in a home care environment
    • 2 years of office experience
    • Must be a high school graduate or equivalent
    • Must be proficient in computer use
    • Must possess excellent communication skills
    • Must be able to work in a high-pressure environment

    HELP AT HOME, FORMERLY COASTAL HOME CARE: Help At Home’s mission is to be the leading national provider of high quality, person-centered care and support to the elderly and people with disabilities in their homes and community-based settings. Core to services are highly trained, compassionate and dependable caregivers supported by our local teams with the resources and expertise to deliver unsurpassed care. Our goal is to enable the highest level of personal independence and meaningful lives for our clients.

    Required Skills Required Experience

  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer science or related technical discipline or equivalent levels of work experience (e.g., two years’ experience replaces
    • 1+ 2 years of experience
    • Prior experience in system development; analyzing & defining technical solutions including business processes, technical requirement, architecture, design and network/interface
    • Practical experience with integrating solutions and enterprise technologies including applications development platforms
    • Baseline working knowledge of all phases of the product/system development life cycle
    • Able to translate customer/contractual requirements into engineering specifications
    • Must possess excellent organizational and time management skills; must be able to multi-task and prioritize work, even when faced with conflicting demands
    • Excellent oral presentation and verbal communication skills
    • Strong interpersonal and relationship skills; must be able to establish lasting relationships with customers
    • Must be available for frequent travel as needed to support contracts, project teams, and customer presentations
    • Hands on technical experience in installing and configuring hardware and enterprise software to support production or sales needs
    • Experience in building and delivering demonstrations to support sales needs