How To Become The Next 2024 National Top Intern

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How To Become The Next 2024 National Top Intern

One Time
  • What

    During this session, students will hear from past Yello/WayUp National Top Interns about what it takes to be a top intern at your company, tips/tricks for creating a stand out top intern application, and how life has been like for them since winning the coveted title.

    The event will cover a variety of topics such as:

    • How to create a standout 2024 Top Intern application
    • Best practices during your internship including but not limited to: professionalism, effective communication, documenting your wins, how to work with your manager and peers
    • General internship application tips to prepare for the Fall and Summer 2025
  • Where

    This live info session is entirely virtual. Once we review your RSVP, you will be emailed a link to register for the info session if you qualify.

  • When

    July 9, 2024, at 5pm EST

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    WayUp is the industry leader for students and recent grads to search for jobs and internship opportunities, connect directly with employers, and get hired. WayUp has thousands of job listings from Fortune 500s to startups who are looking to find all-star employees at the beginning of their careers!