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Senior Backend Engineer (San Francisco)

LaBine & Associates

Senior Backend Engineer (San Francisco)

San Francisco, CA
  • Responsibilities

    Our client is teaching cars and other robots to see like humans see.

    We're looking for a few great engineers to join a team that is still less than 10 people. We need you to be fluent in C++ and to enjoy working with a team of peers. We don't require experience in computer vision or robotics, only interest and aptitude.

    IN CASE YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW: We have no non-technical managers. We already have revenue and we recently raised a large Series A round led by a tier one VC. We're building out a new office in Redwood City CA, not far from the Caltrain station. We do not have set working hours and are open to you working remotely one or two days a week.


    • Contribute to the development of state-of-the-art techniques for robotic perception.
    • Research and evaluate both classical and/or machine learning approaches to hard problems.
    • Write production code in C++ for a variety of platforms, including GPUs.
    • Help to recruit and potentially lead a team of similarly-qualified engineers.


    • Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
    • Solid grasp of linear algebra.
    • Fluent in C++
    • 5+ years of professional software development experience with top tier engineering practices like FB and Google.
    • If not from known top tier companies with high engineer bars, need to have other strong signals like github, open source creator, fast career progression.


    • Experience with multi-threaded or highly parallel programming frameworks: CUDA / OpenGL / Metal / NEON etc.
    • Research or professional experience in computer vision in the context of robotics / AR / VR.
    • Research or professional experience in computer graphics or game engines
    • Worked on highly distributed systems processing massive data set at real time. Example, multi-player real time AR game, Ad tech, Unity engine (Compound Eye processes GB data per second)
    • Strong github profiles - active C++ coder
    • Open source contributor, side projects. Especially in Computer Vision area
    • ACM competition