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Leadership Development Internship (2022)

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Leadership Development Internship (2022)

Englewood, CO
  • Responsibilities

    Are you currently a junior in college looking for a 2022 summer internship – one that could position you for an offer as a full-time employee after graduation (in our super cool Talent Accelerator Program)? Excellent! We’re looking for you to join us in our Leadership Internship Program at our Global Headquarters in Denver, CO for 10 weeks during the summer. Whether you’re a liberal arts or business major or studying computer science or philosophy and all the degrees in between, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the business and /or tech world up close and personal.

    Your safety is our #1 concern. We’ve got you, whatever the world looks like in 2022, the internship will happen whether virtually or in person.

    Looking for more of a corporate internship role within a specific department like tax, accounting, marketing, etc.? We have those too, keep checking our site for those openings.

    About TTEC

    We create the customer experience.

    Pull back the curtain of some of the world’s most iconic brands and you’ll find the people and technology of TTEC, a Customer Experience Software as a service (CXSaaS) company. We’re the friendly faces and advanced technology solutions at the heart of the customer experience.

    Say you’re into social media. Our clients are too! You were just dreaming of a cool set of wheels and TTEC is driving beside you with one of the US’s largest automobile manufacturers. You geek out on search engine tech. We speak their language.

    TTEC creates incredible customer experiences through our 50,000+ employees all over the world. We speak and serve customers in 52 languages - tens of millions of times every day - digitally, on the phone, on chat, and by text. Through these interactions, we’re constantly learning, growing, and tweaking our tech and how we energize our people to help make other people’s days better, solve problems and support essential services. In simple words, our purpose is to bring a personal touch (digital or human) to every interaction you have with your favorite brands.

    When you join the Leadership Internship Program, you'll enjoy:

    • Exposure to executive leadership, global colleagues and real clients
    • Potential for a job offer after you graduate - rock star performances could lead to an offer to join our 2-year Talent Accelerator Program (a rotational leadership development program) as a full-time employee
    • Learning and development opportunities including buddy, coaching and mentorship programs
    • Legit projects with real outcomes
    • Internship networking group
    • Being welcomed to the TTEC family and expanding your global network
    • Internship credit if it’s a school requirement
    • Summer in beautiful Denver, Colorado at a global organization (did we mention how cool Denver is – from the multicultural downtown vibe to the mountains, you’re going to love it here)

    What You’ll Experience

    Looking for an opportunity where you'll work on a summer challenge with your cohort, be talent matched within a "home" (think department) where you'll deliver a tangible project at the end of the internship, and make an impact on the organization? This is it.

    You’ll begin your summer internship in Denver with a deep-dive training into our company and the business of customer experience. Then you'll be welcomed to your new "home” and you'll be off and running with your new project. Ready to build your network? You’ll have ongoing access to leadership development opportunities including exposure to the executive leadership team.

    Highly motivated? This is an opportunity to meet with leadership to share your final project. And how about fun? We’ve got that too – you can expect summer BBQs, volunteer opportunities, enjoying the great outdoors – our team really knows how to bring it Denver-style in the summer.

    And how about that post-graduation job offer? High performers will have an opportunity to join our two-year Talent Accelerator Program. Simply one of the coolest new grad jobs on the planet – you'll make an impact and help TTEC stay ahead by implementing business innovations and pushing our ability to continuously transform .

  • Qualifications

    What you bring to the role

    • You’ll be a senior in college in the fall of 2022 (currently a junior)
    • A passion for learning and growing (excellence in your academic career? Bonus!)
    • Extracurricular achievements, passion projects, or volunteer experience
    • Work experience (whether it’s work on the weekends or an office gig, it all counts)
    • Must be eligible to work in the United States and be able to provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States
    • Whether you’re studying data science in college or about to get your degree in accounting, we’ll talent match you with a home that will add to your skills and education

    TTEC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. TTEC embraces and is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce that respects and empowers the cultures and perspectives within our global teams. We strive to reflect the communities we serve, by not only delivering amazing service and technology, but also humanity. We make it a point to make sure all our employees feel valued, belonging, and comfortable being their authentic selves at work. As a global company, we know diversity is our strength because it enables us to view things from different vantage points and every individual to bring value to the table in their own unique way. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of the diversity and women in leadership awards on

  • Compensation
    The anticipated starting hourly wage for individuals expressing interest in this position is $18-20. This position is not eligible to participate in an annual incentive program.
  • Benefits

    Benefits available to eligible employees include the following:

    • Medical, dental, and vision
    • Tax-advantaged health care accounts
    • Financial and income protection benefits
    • Paid time off (PTO) and wellness time off
  • Industry
  • About Us

    Pull back the curtain of some of the world's most iconic brands and you'll find the people and technology of TTEC, a Customer Experience Software as a service (CXSaaS) company. We're the friendly faces and advanced technology solutions at the heart of the customer experience. Our purpose is to bring a personal touch (digital or human) to every interaction you have with your favorite brands.