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Mental Health Neurofeedback Technician

Lighthouse Neurofeedback and Behavior Analysis, Inc

Mental Health Neurofeedback Technician
Various Arvada, CO / Aurora, CO / Boulder, CO / Broomfield, CO / Centennial, CO / Denver, CO / Englewood, CO / Fort Collins, CO / Golden, CO / Greeley, CO / Lakewood, CO / Littleton, CO / Longmont, CO / Louisville, CO / Loveland, CO / Parker, CO / Westminster, CO Part-Time Paid


Lighthouse Neurofeedback is seeking talented and motivated people to fill biofeedback technician positions at our Boulder office. We provide psychophysiological and energy-based therapies to children and adults with neurodevelopmental and mental health diagnoses, often allowing them to reduce or eliminate the need for medications. Lighthouse is part of a rapidly growing movement that regards the suffering referred to as mental illness as often being the result of a dis-integrated nervous system. We recognize that the nervous system has the capacity to grow, heal, and change throughout the life cycle and that this neuroplasticity can be nudged and guided in a way that makes people happier and better able to tackle the challenges of life. We also make use of DNA/RNA, gut biome, blood, and Heart Rate Variability analysis to make evidence-based nutritional and supplement recommendations to allow the body to support a healthy mind. WE WILL TRAIN YOU....but successful applicants will need to already... 1) Have high levels of competency using Microsoft Windows, Office, and web-based software interfaces 2) Have basic knowledge in physiology, psychology, holistic health practices 3) Have a warm, comforting, but confident demeanor. 4) Have the ability to interact successfully with small children, disabled adults, clients in extreme states, etc. 5) Have a strong desire to learn and a respect for science 6) Have the ability to follow instructions precisely and consistently 7) Have the ability to maintain client confidentiality 8) Have the ability to think on their feet, solve problems, and be flexible under changing conditions All of our staff are required to earn their Registered Behavior Technician certification (entry level behavior therapist) and be available to provide ABA services to our autistic children clients as they develop their proficiency in neurofeedback techniques. This is both part of the training needed to be a successful neurotherapist to ALL of our clients, and it is needed to ensure that there is sufficient work to provide a salary as your neurofeedback skillset and caseload grows.